10 Best Forex Brokers to follow on Instagram (☑️Updated 2024*)

10 Best Forex Brokers to follow on Instagram


The 10 Best Forex Brokers to follow on Instagram revealed. We tested and verified the best forex brokers on Instagram for Traders.

This is a complete list of the best forex brokers on Instagram.

In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

  • Can I learn to trade from Instagram? 
  • Are there any community-driven features on Forex brokers’ Instagram accounts? 
  • What are the best forex brokers to follow on Instagram?
  • How to Identify the Best Forex Broker Accounts to Follow on Instagram
  • How to Find Forex Brokers on Instagram.

And lots more…

So if you’re ready to go “all in” with the best-tested forex brokers to follow on Instagram

Let’s dive right in…


Top 10 Forex Brokers to Follow on Instagram (2024*)

  1. ☑️Exness – Overall Best Forex Broker to Follow on Instagram
  2. ☑️AvaTrade – Provides Daily Market Updates
  3. ☑️Admirals – Offers Interactive Information
  4. OANDA – Publishing Real-time Market Analysis
  5. HFM – Unique Trading Tools and Customer-centric Attitude
  6. eToro – Provides Examples of Successful Investment Portfolios
  7. Tickmill – Provides High-quality Visuals and Infographics
  8. BDSwiss – Offers Good Feed for Experienced Traders
  9. IC Markets – Content Balances Informed and Authoritative
  10. XM – Educational Services include Fundamental and Technical Analysis


1. Exness  (@Exness – 181,000+ Instagram Followers) 

Exness Overview and Instagram Presence 

Exness, founded in 2008, is a well-known Forex and CFD broker. With 181k Instagram followers, their curated feed demonstrates professionalism and worldwide reach, which appeals to seasoned traders.  


The content highlights their existing brand, focusing on awards, event participation, and partnerships, all delivered with high-quality imagery and a clear message.  


Their stream balances informed and authoritative tones, conveying confidence and knowledge. Exness boosts their professional image by incorporating human connections, such as glances into team events and employee anecdotes.  


This method injects personality and relatability into a huge financial organization, contrasting its frightening image.  


Furthermore, Exness’ sleek and polished Instagram design, which includes clean lines and excellent photos, enhances its brand image as a knowledgeable and trustworthy Forex trading partner. 


Exness - Instagram


Why Should I Follow Exness on Instagram? 

Exness provides informative and well-crafted content, merging expert market analysis with a business-like approach. Their content imparts valuable insights and underscores their reliability and competence as a trusted trading collaborator. 


2. AvaTrade (@AvaTradeofficial – 27,000+ Instagram Followers) 

AvaTrade Overview and Instagram Presence 

AvaTrade, founded in 2006, has emerged as a top online broker in Forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. They have a thriving Instagram presence, with 27.1k followers, concentrating on interesting instructional content and significant community involvement.  


Their feed is packed with daily market updates, live webinars, and expert insights, all delivered in a nice and approachable style. AvaTrade’s Instagram strategy focuses on making learning entertaining through comedy and interactive components such as polls and quizzes.  


The feed is visually pleasing, combining charts and graphs with straightforward explanations. One significant strength is their emphasis on community, which fosters a sense of belonging among traders through contests, prizes, and interactive challenges.  


Furthermore, their upbeat and encouraging tone promotes the importance of learning and personal development, making them a popular choice among traders looking for an empowering and friendly online broker. 


AvaTrade - Instagram


Why Should I Follow AvaTrade on Instagram? 

AvaTrade’s Instagram account is an excellent resource for comprehensive trading education and community participation. Their interactive and instructive content, geared to different skill levels, makes trading principles more accessible and entertaining, resulting in a supportive trading community. 


3. Admirals (@Admiralsglobal – 7,800+ Instagram Followers) 

Admirals Overview and Instagram Presence 

Admirals, previously known as Admiral Markets, is a famous online trading broker specializing in Forex and CFD trading. They have 7,800+ Instagram followers and share educational information, market updates, and insights into their team’s operations.  


Their content strategy is designed to empower new traders and keep experienced ones engaged, focusing on making difficult trading topics understandable and exciting.  


Admirals use visually appealing infographics, market snapshots, and interactive information such as quizzes to improve the learning experience. Their dedication to education is reflected in the frequent release of webinars, tutorials, and expert insights.  


Admirals not only emphasize actual trading skills, but they also recognize the hazards involved, encouraging cautious investment habits. They constantly engage with followers on Instagram, highlighting user-generated content and holding Q&A sessions, fostering a strong community feeling. 


Admirals - Instagram


Why Should I Follow Admirals on Instagram? 

Admirals’ Instagram page stands out for traders searching for actionable insights and stimulating learning experiences. Its user-friendly interface and interactive content make it an indispensable hub for trading enthusiasts, offering valuable lessons on trading techniques and market trends. 


4. OANDA (@oanda – 24.2K Instagram Followers) 

OANDA Overview and Instagram Presence 

Founded in 1996, OANDA is a pioneer in online Forex and CFD trading, noted for its technological innovation and extensive research tools. OANDA has over 24.2K followers on Instagram. 


Their Instagram strategy involves publishing real-time market analysis, trading recommendations, economic news updates, and educational posts about trading tactics and risk management.  


OANDA’s reputation for dependable trading services, user-friendly platforms, and dedication to clear pricing would be important topics in their content.  


Their popularity can be linked to their lengthy history in the market, concentration on technology innovation, and commitment to providing traders with various instructional tools.  


OANDA is an Instagram account to follow if you are looking for expert market research, powerful trading tools, and a platform that values transparency and fairness. 




Why Should I Follow OANDA on Instagram? 

OANDA’s Instagram is valuable for traders seeking expert market analysis and advanced trading tools. Their reputation for reliable trading services and a user-friendly platform makes them a worthy follow for insightful and transparent trading practices. 


5. HFM (@hfmbroker – 213K+ Instagram Followers) 

HFM Overview and Instagram Presence 

HFM, noted for its unique trading tools and customer-centric attitude, maintains a vibrant and engaging Instagram presence with 213k+ followers. Their feed is a vibrant tapestry of high-quality pictures, including trade information, competitions, team events, and more.  


HFM, which caters to a younger demographic, distinguishes itself with approachable and lively content that connects with followers in various ways.  


The feed contains user-generated material that highlights actual people and their trading experiences, fostering a feeling of community and relatability.  


HFM balances visual appeal and useful content, offering straightforward explanations of trading methods and market updates. Their emphasis on tolerance and diversity is evident, creating a friendly environment for a diverse audience.  


HFM’s Instagram is visually beautiful and instructive, making it an ideal platform for traders seeking a balance of education and participation. 




Why Should I Follow HFM on Instagram? 

HFM’s Instagram account stands out with its engaging and lively approach to trading. Traders who prioritize a dynamic, group-oriented platform that simplifies the learning process while making it fun will find following HFM worthwhile. 


6. eToro (@etoro_official – 128K+ Instagram Followers) 

eToro Overview and Instagram Presence 

A pioneer in social trading, eToro has a big Instagram following of 128K. Known for its revolutionary platform that mixes financial trading and social networking, eToro caters to many users, including beginners and those interested in the popular copy trading feature.  


Their Instagram account is brimming with activity, including live Q&A sessions with financial professionals, user-generated content, and examples of successful investment portfolios.  


eToro’s material is visually appealing, with strong colours and visuals that draw attention while incorporating various allusions to keep it relatable.  


Their educational offering, including market updates and video lectures, is insightful and authoritative, establishing eToro as a trustworthy knowledge provider.  


Furthermore, the platform’s popularity originates from its distinct blend of interactive learning, community involvement, and practical use of social trading capabilities. 




Why Should I Follow eToro on Instagram? 

On Instagram, eToro offers traders an exclusive fusion of social trading wisdom, interactive educational resources, and vibrant community participation.  

Through their innovative approach, eToro transforms financial markets into an accessible and enjoyable realm, catering specifically to those who appreciate the social dimension of trading. 


7. Tickmill (@tickmill_official – 35.1K Instagram Followers) 

Tickmill Overview and Instagram Presence 

Tickmill, a global Forex and CFD broker founded in 2014, has a focused and professional Instagram presence with 35K followers. They stress open communication and good resources, catering to traders looking for trustworthy information and comprehensive instruction.  


Tickmill’s feed has a clean and professional visual style, with high-quality visuals and infographics that deliver data-driven insights in an easily understandable format. This method appeals to experienced traders seeking substantive analysis.  


Beyond data, Tickmill develops a sense of community and trust by sharing behind-the-scenes content and team tales, bridging the gap between a huge financial institution and individual traders.  


Their training services, including webinars and tutorials, cover various topics, from fundamental concepts to advanced methods.  


Tickmill stands out for its strong community interaction, which includes replying to comments and promoting user-generated material, stressing the company’s commitment to traders. 




Why Should I Follow Tickmill on Instagram? 

Traders who value detailed market analysis, ethical trading practices, and educational seminars will find Tickmill fitting. The professional tone, coupled with the simplified content style, offers valuable insights into the trading world. 


8. BDSwiss (@bdswiss – 18.9K Instagram Followers) 

BDSwiss Overview and Instagram Presence 

BDSwiss, a Forex and CFD broker founded in 2012, has a polished and professional image on Instagram, collecting 19k followers.  


Their feed is geared toward experienced traders and those seeking a luxurious lifestyle, with a carefully curated mix of award-winning platforms, instructional resources, and aspirational lifestyle content.  


The visual content has a sleek and modern look, with high-quality graphics and professional photographs exuding confidence and success.  


BDSwiss combines instructive content with themes of luxury and success, appealing to traders who see financial success as part of a bigger, more complete lifestyle.  


Their educational services are gently integrated into the stream, adding value through webinars, expert insights, and videos. BDSwiss’ Instagram presence is distinguished by a mix of professional trading insights and a peep into the high-end lifestyle that comes with successful trading. 




Why Should I Follow BDSwiss on Instagram? 

BDSwiss is ideal for traders who want expert market research and a glimpse into the high-end lifestyle that comes with successful trading. Their informative material and aspirational visuals provide both insight and inspiration. 


9. IC Markets (@icmarketsglobal – 13.5K Instagram Followers) 

IC Markets Overview and Instagram Presence 

Founded in 2007, IC Markets is a top Forex and CFD broker known for its strong liquidity and cheap spreads.  


With an Instagram following of 13.5K, IC Markets caters to experienced traders by providing a feed highlighting their established brand through awards, event participation, and collaborations. 


The content balances informed and authoritative, attracting traders who value dependability and knowledge. Their professional image is enhanced with behind-the-scenes content that adds personality and relatability.  


The visual aesthetic of IC Markets’ Instagram is sleek and polished, with clean lines and current font, reinforcing its reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy trading partner.  


This technique helps to mitigate the potentially daunting character of a huge financial institution by instilling trust and accessibility in its target audience. 


IC Markets


Why Should I Follow IC Markets on Instagram? 

IC Markets is an indispensable contender to monitor for those searching for adept market insight and a proficient trading atmosphere. Their astute information inspires confidence in their status as a capable business ally, permeating reliability through every aspect of their expertise. 


10. XM (@xmglobal – 73.7K Instagram Followers) 

XM Overview and Instagram Presence 

Founded in 2009, XM is a multi-regulated worldwide broker with a strong Instagram presence and over 73.7k followers. They provide Forex and derivatives trading across over 1,000 instruments.  


XM’s Instagram feed is a mix of educational information, market updates, and promotional incentives intended to appeal to a diverse spectrum of traders.  


Their educational services include fundamental and technical analysis, trading strategies, risk management, and other topics, frequently provided via live webinars and educational videos.  


XM updates its followers on the newest market news, such as economic data releases and central bank decisions. Furthermore, they engage their audience with contests, prizes, and incentives for new and existing customers.  


XM’s popularity on Instagram may be linked to its thorough approach to trader education, regular market insights, and engaging promotional activities, making it a vital platform for traders seeking ongoing learning and updates in the trading industry. 




Why Should I Follow XM on Instagram? 

XM’s Instagram account contains many instructional resources and real-time market observations.  

Therefore, the XM Instagram page is ideal for those looking for in-depth analysis, live webinars, and regular updates on economic events and trading methods can find excellent tools on XM’s Instagram feed. 


How to Find Forex Brokers on Instagram 

To identify these Forex brokers on Instagram, search relevant hashtags and phrases. Some popular hashtags include #ForexBroker, #ForexTrading, #CurrencyTrading, and #CFDTrading. These categories frequently link to postings by or about various brokers.  


In addition, each broker should utilize broker-specific hashtags such as #AvaTrade, #Exness, #AdmiralsTrading, and so on. You can also search for the broker’s name in the Instagram search field; most brokers have official accounts under their brand names. 


Another useful strategy is to monitor Forex trading influencers and see who they follow or which brokers they mention in their postings. Influencers frequently interact with brokers, which provides another way to discover them.  


Furthermore, participating in Forex trading communities and groups on Instagram can result in recommendations and discussions about various firms. Finally, look out for these brokers’ official websites, which frequently include links to their social media pages, including Instagram. 


How to Identify the Best Forex Broker Accounts to Follow on Instagram 

Identifying the finest Forex broker accounts on Instagram requires evaluating good (green flags) and negative (red flags) signs.  


Green signs include a verified account badge, regular updates with important market insights and instructional information, high-quality images, and open communication about their services and prices.  


Look for active engagement with followers via comments and direct responses, which suggests a customer-centric approach. 


In contrast, red signs include overly promotional content focusing on selling services above delivering value, exaggerated promises of large returns or assured earnings, and a lack of instructive or informative postings.  


Be aware of accounts with few followers or spamming behaviour, such as excessive use of irrelevant hashtags.  


Furthermore, a lack of openness regarding the broker’s regulatory status or operating methods is a major warning signal. Before following and engaging with a Forex broker on Instagram, always research extensively and cross-check information with other credible sources. 



Overall Top 10 Best Forex Brokers to follow on Instagram provide insight into their world, demonstrating how these trailblazers transform Forex trading on this social media platform.  


From new trading solutions to instructive content, these brokers are not only shaping trends but also empowering traders throughout the world. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is the best Forex Broker on Instagram? 

The “best” Forex broker on Instagram will vary depending on your specific requirements, but search for firms that offer thorough educational content, active community interaction, and transparent trading methods. 


Can I learn to trade from Instagram? 

Yes, you can learn to trade on Instagram, particularly if you follow trustworthy brokers or trading professionals who provide excellent insights, analysis, and educational information. 


How do I verify the legitimacy of a Forex broker on Instagram? 

Look for the broker’s regulatory information in their bio or posts, then cross-reference it with official websites. 


What kind of content should a good Forex broker’s Instagram account post? 

A competent Forex broker’s Instagram feed should include market analysis, educational resources, trading tips, and regulatory updates. 


Can I interact with Forex brokers directly on Instagram for advice? 

Yes, several Forex firms on Instagram encourage direct communication and may provide trading advice or customer assistance via the platform. 


How often should a Forex broker update their Instagram account? 

A good Forex broker should update their Instagram account regularly, ideally several times weekly, with the most recent market news and instructive information. 


Should I trust Forex brokers on Instagram who promise high returns? 

No, be wary of any Forex broker on Instagram who claims big returns, as this is usually a symptom of unrealistic or unsafe trading tactics. 


Are there any community-driven features on Forex brokers’ Instagram accounts? 

Yes, many Forex firms use Instagram to share community-driven content, including Q&A sessions, live trading rooms, and highlights of successful traders’ methods. 

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