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If you have only recently emerged from your winter cocoon and decided to sell your home this summer, prepping for sale can be overwhelming. So, where to begin? Start here. These fast fixes are for you. They work every time in any market. Let’s take this one step at a time.

First, create curb appeal. Take a critical look at the exterior of your home. Remember: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That should be your mantra for prepping your house for sale. First impressions are critical, and they start at the curb!

Go outside and really look at your house. Use your camera to shoot the entire exterior. The photos will make the ugly stand out! Planting a bunch of flowers without taking the time to do a major cleanup won’t work. Are the trees and shrubs overgrown and blocking the light into your home? Can you see the front door? Clean up the landscape throughout, and then plant.

Plant annual flowers in two very large pots to flank your entry. Limit yourself to three colors for more impact. Less is more if you are going for punch. Resist the temptation to plant a variety of favorite colors — it makes the viewers’ eyes dance around. Aspen is known for its gorgeous summer color. Google “Aspen summer flowers,” and see what comes up. Pinterest is a great source for planting inspiration. Just be sure to choose flowers that survive Colorado temperature swings. Find what makes the most impact and copy it. No need to reinvent the wheel.

A few other things to consider: Look at your exterior paint. Is it time to update your colors? Take a look at what is new and current and consider a refresh. Painting is the cheapest and fastest way to transform the appearance of your house.

Look at your decks. Do they need to be restained? What about your patios? Is grass sprouting through your grout? Might be time for a new patio. Screens are another thing most sellers don’t think about. Revive faded screen frames and discolored screening with silicone products. If that doesn’t work, replace entirely.

Wash the windows and screens inside and out. Clean the gutters.

If you have collected a lot of small plants in small pots on your front entry or patio, get rid of them. Larger, fewer pots make a bigger splash.

Before every showing, make sure to hose everything down. Make sure your garbage cans are out of sight and corralled.

Last but not least, the garage is not a place to hide things. Is your garage a mess? Empty the garage. Get a dumpster and purge. Paint the garage floor with epoxy paint. Put all garden tools and sports equipment behind doors or stored in matching bins on shelves. Label all.

Just start. You will be so happy you did. Buy a new welcome mat and allow your home to welcome your buyers in. The only caveat is that it will look so good, you may fall in love with your home all over again. Happy summer!

Ann Abernethy is a broker ­associate with Slifer Smith & Frampton. Join Ann at for a look at her podcast: “Beyond BadAss: How fierce women get it done!”

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