Broker-developed and AI-driven, Roopler is a lead-generation system designed to work with and for real estate agents

Roopler is an affordable turnkey platform built to help real estate brokers, agents, and teams acquire and nurture new leads and revive old ones.


The brainchild of two powerbrokers in the real estate and technology industries–-top-selling agent and established broker Kevin Markarian and digital marketing expert Roop Gill–-Roopler was built to overcome today’s two biggest industry challenges: finding and cultivating buyer and seller leads at an affordable cost and recovering value from leads that never converted.

“When I got into the industry, online leads were still highly affordable, and few agents were competing for them,” explains Markarian. “Today, a lot of agents can’t afford quality leads, and with the intense competition, they’re struggling to convert them. That’s why we built Roopler.”

Markarian first encountered Gill’s new lead-generation platform in 2020. While beta-testing the platform at his own brokerage, he decided to team up with Gill. Together, Markarian and Gill optimized Roopler’s capacity to automate the time-consuming and costly process of finding and cultivating new buyer and seller leads and reviving old ones.

“Our goal was to build the knowledge and intuition of a top-selling agent into the platform’s core,” explains Markarian. “I am confident that we’ve done this. Roopler isn’t just another tech tool. It’s an automated business partner that thinks and acts like the very best agents.”


More than a lead-generation system, Roopler is a lifeline for agents, consistently offering them what other lead-generation systems fail to provide, including:

– Complete Prospect Profiles: Detailed insights on prospective customers’ needs, expectations, and timelines.

– Higher Conversion Rates: Clients consistently report that Roopler outpaces conversion rates on competitor platforms.

– Lead Nurturing: Powered by AI (artificial intelligence), including the latest NLP (natural language processing) technologies, Roopler initiates and sustains customer relationships.

– Cost-Effectiveness: Agents and brokers pay less for more leads and support and never pay for unverified leads.


Eric Pearson, CEO of Pearson Smith Realty based in Virginia, started test-driving Roopler in early 2022:

“Our experience with Roopler has been great! This is the first lead generation platform where quality stacks up against portal leads. The exclusivity, AI, and ability to geographically direct our leads at a high level combined with Roopler exceeding our lead quantity expectations have us excited about the future of our agent lead generation platforms.”

Lynne Gewant, a licensed real estate broker from South Palm Beach and one of Coldwell Banker’s top-selling agents nationwide, agrees:

“I have worked with every type of lead and organization, and my experience with Roopler far outpaces my experience with other portals and lead-gen platforms. My team is able to work more efficiently with the support of their AI system. The engagement of the leads is better, as well as the conversion.”

Roopler’s unique combination of lead generation, verification, and nurturing offers on-the-ground agents the support they need to thrive in today’s highly competitive, low-inventory market.

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