Brokers the big winners as Lendi Group celebrates 1 year

Lendi Group

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It’s been one year since the merger of industry powerhouses Aussie and Lendi to form Lendi Group, and brokers have already begun harnessing the benefits as both brands experience exceptional growth.

With the goal of creating ‘the network of the future’, Lendi Group is committed to delivering a seamless customer experience. However, the leaders behind the brands know that to offer a great customer experience, it is important to facilitate great broker experiences first. 

The Group has unveiled a new value proposition set to deliver huge productivity benefits for brokers, translating to improved customer experience, and ultimately supercharging the growth of brokers’ businesses. 

Evolution of the Aussie Mobile channel

Major challenges brokers face include the time invested in understanding customers’ objectives, while liaising with lenders, generating new enquiries and managing the demands of a thriving business. 

To address these challenges head-on, two Lendi working models – Associates and Client Solutions – have now commenced rollout in the Aussie mobile channel, following extensive pilot tests. 

Company-generated enquiries will now be fielded by the in-house Associates Team, who make first contact with the customer to qualify them before directing them straight into an appointment with a broker or into a nurture pipeline for specialised contact. This bespoke contact results in real-time tech-driven triggers that direct the customer back into a broker’s calendar when they are ready to transact. Further operational burdens are alleviated by the Client Solutions team, who assist with loan packaging. 

Not only are brokers receiving qualified appointments rather than leads, but the centralising of key operational tasks also affords brokers more time to spend directly interacting with customers, thereby enabling them to deliver a high level of service. After participating in the pilot, Senior Aussie broker Mel Smith noted ‘It’s refreshing seeing Aussie trying new things to keep momentum going. These new options are adding capacity back into my business and letting me be where I want to be – spending more time with customers’. 

These initiatives are delivering better, faster outcomes for clients, with the pilot tests yielding impressive results including fast-tracked times to lodgement, fewer RMIs and turbo-charged timeframes to unconditional approval. 

Existing Aussie mobile brokers are now being invited to opt-in to the fully supported model, while all new brokers joining the mobile channel are automatically enrolled, which coupled with an enhanced onboarding program will mean faster speed to earning. 

The future of Aussie retail

Aussie has also redefined the strategy for its retail network. The focus for new territory acquisition will be firmly on top tier territories. 

This will be coupled with investing substantial effort into enhancing the experiences for existing franchises through investments in the right technology, empowering them to be the CEOs of their own business and maximising ROI through support models designed to scale.

There’s also a strong focus on growing the businesses of existing retail brokers and increasing the number of brokers per-store. 

Lendi’s platform the key driving force

The primary enabler for enhancements across the group broker network is the industry-leading, proprietary technology of the Lendi platform. 

The underlying platform and technology which powers the Lendi brand is currently being developed to also service the Aussie network. The process of making the platform ‘Aussie ready’ has resulted in a series of highly effective tech upgrades, benefiting Lendi brokers already on the platform by streamlining processes and enabling them to deliver better, faster outcomes for customers. 

One of the Group’s core values is ‘making home loans human’, with Lendi Group CEO of Distribution Brad Cramb noting ‘we never lose sight of the fact that mortgage broking is a people-centric industry. Ultimately, having the right technology and support functions in place has been critical in developing measures that are practical, scalable, and help our brokers develop stronger relationships with their customers’. 

Lendi Group providing more choice for brokers

The merger of Aussie and Lendi dishes up benefits for brokers that go beyond just service and productivity enhancements. The Lendi Group’s unique distribution model offers a wide scope of pathways into the industry, including:

  • Salaried broker
  • Mobile broker
  • Store broker
  • Franchisee and store owner
  • Associate

The Group is delivering more choices for established brokers to reach their full potential, or for people to begin a new journey as a broker and develop their skills. 

To enquire about starting your broking journey with Lendi Group today, click the button below.



Brokers the big winners as Lendi Group celebrates 1 year

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