Brokers Will Benefit from the New B2Trader and B2Core Update

The B2Broker team is delighted to inform you of our most recent update to B2Trader and B2Core, which includes a number of improvements. We’re dedicated to building the world’s most accessible, secure, and convenient platforms for the financial sector, and these latest changes demonstrate that dedication.


Among the key features of this release for B2Trader and B2Core are:

● Updated commission structure
● New user-friendly suggestions
● Client ID reports and PnL filters
● Increased stability and performance
● A new interface for an improved user experience

We hope you enjoy these latest enhancements, and we look forward to providing you with even more fantastic features in the future!

Updated commission structure

B2Broker is constantly looking for new ways to support our customers. That is why we have totally revamped our commission structure. We’ve debuted a flexible group system that allows your admins to set any desired conditions for multiple users, eliminating the need to assign a role to each user. Furthermore, each group may be assigned a different commission for the chosen instruments. This prominent feature delivers our clients more power than they’ve ever had before. Check out the B2Trader documentation to learn more about the new commission structure. With B2Trader, you always have the ability to elevate your trading platform to the next level.



Updated UI

The UI of our platform has recently been updated to include a number of useful hints that improve the user experience. The interface has gotten considerably easier to understand, thanks to thorough explanations of all the elements. We will continue to update the tips regularly to keep them up-to-date with the latest changes to the platform.


Onboarding is an important process for all users of the trading platform. Depending on their level of experience, users are offered different scenarios that explain all the details of the platform. Three options will be available: New, Experienced, or Professional. Newcomers are shown how to use the platform step-by-step, including how to place trades and manage their account, for example. Experienced users, on the other hand, are shown more complex cases that include things like market research and risk management. We accommodate a variety of needs and preferences by providing these various alternatives so that all users may get the most out of our platform.

Client ID Reports

With this recent upgrade, the product team’s efforts to reduce manual processes for our customers have been rewarded. Thanks to the addition of unique client identifiers — client IDs — registering activities for local financial regulators has become a simple process. These IDs, along with their email addresses, are posted to all pages on which the user is featured, including transfers, transaction/trades, transaction/orders, balance/users, and commission/users. This simplifies the procedure for our clients and makes it simpler for them to comply with local regulations. We’re excited to provide our valued customers with this higher level of service and convenience.

New Pair Field Update


With the latest update, we have improved the creation process for new pairs. Now, in Settings → Markets → Add Market + Edit Market, the hint area has been enhanced. Error notices have also been added to the sections. The user can now see what should be typed in the fields, and an invalid market can no longer be saved. This update will aid in ensuring that all markets are properly set up and operate as needed.

Optimized Filters


Another welcomed addition is the “by year” filter option in the admin panel. With the new update, customer data analysis has become easier and more straightforward. This option will simplify the experience and make it easier to track changes, as the field will now reflect the year that the customer’s data was last updated. In addition to these latest features, we’ve included several other improvements and bug fixes in the latest update.


B2Trader and B2Core are two of the most robust and powerful platforms on the market, offering traders a wide array of services to ensure a flawless trading experience. Keep an eye out for the new round of updates coming soon, which will only improve these features even more. Now is the ideal moment to try out our platforms if you haven’t before. Also, be sure to have a look at the new packages we’ve just launched.


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