Is actor Kim Taehyung making a comeback? BTS V chats with ‘Broker’ director at VIP premiere

BTS members all have many feathers on their caps but Kim Taehyung aka BTS’ V is also known for being an actor. The 27-year-old penultimate member of the boy group made his acting debut with the multi-star K-drama, ‘Hwarang: Poet, Warrior and Youth’, which saw Kim Tae-hyung as an actor and not just a member of the biggest boy band in the world.

With the 2017 drama, BTS’ V made his entry into the acting industry and also made life-long friends with his co-stars, Park Seo-joon and Park Hyun-sik. Now, years after the drama has come to an end, fans are hoping that the ‘Winter Bear’ singer would make a comeback as an actor, this time in a lead role. Seems like the dreams of many fans could be coming true as V was spotted at the premiere of the South Korean movie, ‘Broker’, which was presented at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.


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BTS V attends the VIP Premiere of ‘Broker’

Starring K-pop soloist and actress IU (Lee Ji-eun), Kang Dong-won, and Song Kang-ho in the lead roles, the film is directed by Japanese filmmaker, Hirokazu Kore-eda. The makers of the movie hosted a VIP Premiere of the film for people from the Korean Entertainment industry on June 2. The BTS member, V who was in the USA with his bandmates on their first visit to the White House to discuss Anti-Asian Hate Crimes with President Joe Biden had to immediately return back to South Korea to support his friend Actor Kang Dong-won.

BTS V graced the VIP Premiere of ‘Broker’ and gave fans an unforgettable interaction with the director of the film. Actor Kang Dong-won recently posted a vlog on his personal YouTube channel from the movie premiere which featured the BTS vocalist and gave fans a look at his friendship with the actor. Not only that but fans were also able to hear kind words about BTS V from the director – Hirokazu Kore-eda.

Is actor V coming back?

The filmmaker talked about interacting with the BTS member as he said, “I was introduced to BTS’ V and I greeted him. I told him about my respect for their activities and asked V to take pictures with me.” The movie premiere turned out to be a fan-event for the attendees as one after the other, many celebrities at the event started taking pictures with the singer. BTS V obliged to requests from celebrities and took photos them at the event. He was also seen leaving the event with Korean Singer Park Hyo Shin.



Fans of BTS V who saw these photos of the singer with the Japanese director have started manifesting Kim Taehyung’s acting comeback. One fan said, “Actor Kim taehyung soon may be.” One fan said, “We want actor Kim Taehyung comeback.” One more fan said, “My fav person meeting one of the best directors and when we get him acting in his film.”

Another fan said, “Why am I not surprised that accomplished people want to talk and take pictures with Kim Taehyung. Tae is after all one of the most popular and talented public figures! 2GETHER FOREVER WITH TAEHYUNG.” One fan said, “Omgg that’s so cool. Hoping for actor Taehyung comeback.” One more fan manifested, “KIM TAEHYUNG ACTOR COMING SOON.” One fan said, “Actor Taehyung comeback?” A fan asked, “Are we gonna get V on koreeda’s film?????”





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