Lee Joo Young Dishes Out IU’s True Personality Behind the Camera

Lee Joo Young revealed what kind of person IU is behind the camera. 

The 30-year-old actress is among the lead stars of the award-winning “Broker,” which also stars IU, Song Kang Ho, Kang Dong Won, and Bae Doona. 

During her appearance on SBS POWER FM’s TV show “Cine Town,” the actress spoke about her co-star’s true personality as well as her experience at the Cannes Film Festival. 

Lee Joo Young Praises IU for her ‘Happy Energy’

Broker at Cannes Film Festival

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As obtained by a media outlet, Lee Joo Young spoke about her working relationship with IU. 

The actress shared that she is one year younger than the “Hotel Del Luna” star and mentioned that she and IU didn’t spend much time on set since the majority of her scenes were filmed on a different days. 

In “Broker,” IU portrays a first-time mom named So Young who left her newborn in a “baby box” and made a deal with brokers Sang Hyun and Dong Soo (Song Kang Ho and Kang Dong Won) to help her find her baby’s new family.

Meanwhile, Lee Joo Young portrays detective Lee and works alongside Bae Doona as Soo Jin, who tracks brokers like Sang Hyun and Dong Soo.

However, Lee Joo Young mentioned that she got to know the singer-actress during their trip to France for the Cannes Film Festival 2022. 

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The 30-year-old actress said that she and IU shared the same hotel room during their last day, noting that they “talked a lot then.”

Moreover, she also revealed they have become closer since then and shared their upcoming plans. 

“We’re getting to know each other better and becoming closer,” she added, adding, “We’re planning to go to Japan together for our promotion in the last week of June as well.”  

When asked to describe the songstress, Lee Joo Young praised IU for being a ball of sunshine to everyone. 

“IU has this energy that makes you feel happy even if you are just with her, doing nothing,” she said. 

Interestingly, this is not the first time that a colleague lauded the singer-actress’ kind personality. 

In a 2020 article, IU’s drummer Kim Seungho once spoke about her honest opinion about the singer-actress. 

He said that the 29-year-old star is a “real musician who makes music” and described her as “the best.”

Moreover, the drummer also said that IU “often gets misunderstood due to her shy and quiet personality, but once you get to know her more, you’ll find that she’s really a genuine and honest person.”

‘Broker’ Release Date

Broker Poster

(Photo : CJ ENM Official Instagram)
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While “Broker” made a premiere at Cannes Film festival 2022 and competed at the Palm’ D’or, where Song Kang Ho made a historic win and bagged the Best Actor Award, the Koreeda Hirokazu directed film will also have its theatrical release. 

It is scheduled to debut in theaters on  June 8, 2022, and recently ranked the top spot in overall reservation rate, two days before the big-screen debut. 

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