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Tools for Brokers (TFB), an international technology provider catering to retail brokers, hedge funds, and prop trading firms, has unveiled an addition to its suite of offerings – an AI-powered assistant integrated into its Trade Processor liquidity bridge.

Trade Processor Users Resolve Queries with AI Assistant

The integration of the AI assistant aims to enhance user experience by providing real-time assistance to daily users, helping them navigate product features and industry terms within the liquidity bridge interface. With this feature, Trade Processor users can swiftly resolve queries and address market-related issues without the need to engage technical support.

The Trade Processor liquidity bridge, designed to offer solutions in a user-friendly manner. Over the years, TFB has expanded the bridge’s capabilities while ensuring an intuitive user experience. The introduction of the AI assistant further enriches the platform, enhancing client interactions without compromising performance or security.

Alexey Kutsenko, the CEO at Tools for Brokers, expressed enthusiasm about the AI-powered assistant’s launch, highlighting its potential to streamline clients’ day-to-day operations. He remarked: “We are very excited about the launch of the AI-powered assistant. We see a lot of potential in artificial intelligence technology overall, and in terms of how it can ease and improve our clients’ day-to-day operations.”

The AI assistant, freshly deployed, is in its initial stages and is expected to continuously learn and evolve over time. TFB encourages clients to leverage the assistant’s capabilities for inquiries but advises verifying critical information with technical support before implementing any changes in the environment.

TFB offers solutions across various platforms, including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, MatchTrader, and cTrader. Its offerings encompass data analytics, risk management, money management, and a unified web-user interface for efficient management of TFB plugins.

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