Urgent Call to Ban Government Agencies Accessing Private Data Brokers

In a world where privacy seems like a relic of the past, the National Partnership for Women & Families is making a stand. They’re urging Congress to ban government agencies from using private data brokers to access Americans’ private data without a warrant. This call to action comes after shocking revelations of surveillance at women’s health clinics.

The digital footprints we leave behind tell stories that are not always ours to share. A recent scandal involving a data broker tracking visits to reproductive health clinics and selling this information has raised serious concerns. This blatant disregard for privacy has sparked calls for stricter regulations to prevent government monitoring of abortion and pregnancy outcomes.

A Beacon of Hope: The Moore Administration

In Maryland, a beacon of hope is shining bright. Governor Wes Moore has announced over $15 million in grant awards and a budget proposal aimed at improving reproductive health care and abortion access. The initiatives include a $10.6 million grant to the University of Maryland for the Abortion Care Clinical Training Program and a $5 million budget proposal for the Maryland Medicaid Family Planning Program and Reproductive Health Program.

The concept of reproductive justice goes beyond just the right to seek an abortion. It encompasses access to contraception, family-sustaining wages, housing, and maternal health. Programs like Rx Kids in Flint, Michigan, are making a difference by providing financial support to address poverty and improve maternal and infant health outcomes.

As we celebrate these victories, it’s important to remember that the fight for reproductive justice is far from over. We must continue advocating for policies that protect reproductive rights, support comprehensive sex education, and ensure affordable and accessible healthcare for all women and pregnant people.

In the face of increasing government surveillance, the National Partnership for Women & Families is urging Congress to act. An amendment aimed at preventing warrantless law enforcement access to people’s data has gained support in Congress, despite opposition from the White House and spy agencies.

Meanwhile, the Moore administration in Maryland is setting a powerful example by investing in reproductive health care and abortion access. Governor Moore signed a brief urging the Supreme Court to uphold access to the medical abortion pill.

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