Vanguard Super, tech wreck 2.0, PayPal (PYPL), Okta, best brokers in Australia & Mader Group (ASX:MAD) [2C]

Wolf of Poor Street Hey guys , long time listener first time caller, just quick one would you class the IIGF etf as a core etf or a satellite and would it go well with something like VAS
Cheers TechWrecked I bought some tech shares close to the peak last year. What are your thoughts on the longer term recovery in the prices of Okta, Pinterest, Whispr and PayPal? Glen Dollarsign Redcycle dropped the ball on plastic bag recycling, but meanwhile Coles and Woolies will now both be stocking ASX SES brand compostable plastic bags. This transition looks like a logical and ethical investment opportunity, what does the brains trust think? ETFing fun We have a lot of equity in our home; conservatively $800,000, with around $150,000 available in mortgage redraw. How would one go about using a small amount of this equity to enhance our regular monthly-index ETF investments? Ie would we need a different loan, or could we just redraw? Also, what are the general pros and cons of this move? Thanks for all you do. Pilbara miner What’s your thoughts on MLG oz as business would you add this to your portfolio as it fairly new to the asx, or sit on the side lines and monitor Little Aussie Battler Hey lads, great show, thank you! I have been looking at telcos lately, what do you think of Aussie Broadband? There has been a lot of growth in their customer base and revenue, low debt, but can’t understand why they aren’t turning a profit? It does seem they are highly rated for customer service, and they haven’t had any personal data leaks or ACCC fines for misleading broadband plans. Could this be a potential future moat? Are there any tips on how you would assess a telco? Gary Stumpfoot Dear masters,

As I’m 34 and the end is coming closer everyday . Thoughts on vanguard super? Fees seem higher than my industry fund, what’s the sparkling gem that’s get me to jump ship?

Love your work.

Allan Allgood

Man in red Hello Owen and Drew
I put $600 aside monthly to invest. Should I wait two months and then invest 1200? To late this month just bought Elders on there bad news at 14% down and watched it fall more. Hugh Jundies

🏆 this week’s winner!

Would love your thoughts on Mader Group (MAD). My thesis is as follows – It is a profitable growth company trading at an attractive valuation. Over the past five years, revenue and net income have grown organically at a cagr of 37% and 46%. Given the scale of the market opportunity and the company’s leadership position, I believe revenue could compound at 15-25% for the next ten years, growing to 4x current levels. The main investment risk is execution. This is a people intensive business. A strong and effective corporate culture has enabled the business to scale and flourish. Ben what is the best platform to purchase long term ETFS Chris P Bacon Hi guys, I’m helping out my pops superannuation fund and just looking through the shares for him. He has done very well through just time in the market and never sells any stocks. That said there’s a few in the portfolio that are down over 50% since purchase ie amp, tah and pdl. If you were coming in with fresh eyes would you cut your losses on underperforming stocks or just focus on new positions in companies not yet held? Scorpion Is there a tool that allows you to see if there is any overlap in the ETF or LIC’s within your portfolio? ScroogeMcDuck Hi Owen! I know you are a fan of IVV and it is listed in the model portfolios. But just wondering if your opinion has changed towards VGS as the superior option now you can buy in $500 lots with free brokerage on the vanguard personal investor app?

Vanguard also mentioned that they will also soon offer autoinvest of $500 lots into any vanguard ETF.

It is enticing to change to VGS to save on years and years of brokerage. Considering this, do you still think IVV would be the better index option?

Thanks all,


Mr Fidget Pants VSO v ISO for exposure to small cap ASX companies? Although both hold similar companies, they aren’t the same weighting and they don’t track the same index and as I already own VAS as part of my core portfolio, I’m hesitant to add either to my core ETFs as a lot of the companies are included in VAS. However, the reason why I’m considering VSO/ISO is due to how much influence the top 20 companies have in VAS. Holding VSO or ISO gives these smaller companies more room to shine and positively influence the ETF, given they should have longer growth runways. Invest or not to invest that’s the question I have heard that a family trust is good for tax benefits. Would be able to explain how?

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