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Christopher says, “We plan on becoming a true one-stop shop where a client can come to get pre-approved, find the proper home at the right price with the right service, and have a top-tier team representing them. “

Capital Brokers Group is a full-service real estate team and marketing firm with an aim to simplify the process of buying & selling property across Ontario & other provinces. Our team provides top-of-class advisory and consultancy services to individuals,

As CBG continues to establish themselves as the premier luxury real estate team, they simultaneously will continue be established as a community leader.


Everyone deserves luxury service. While that’s true for anyone, it’s especially true for individuals buying and selling luxury homes and properties. Unfortunately, white glove service and guidance was absent from the real estate industry in Canada. That is, until Christopher Bonil founded Capital Brokers Group (CBG).

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, individuals have a lot of grey area to navigate. There isn’t a clean step-by-step process that can be applied to all situations. Every home, property, and individual are entirely unique. Given the ambiguity that exists in real estate, a supportive, thoughtful, and knowledgeable real estate team is a necessity.

Capital Brokers Group provides clients with truly unparalleled service and support at every turn. That presents itself in many facets. First, clients can trust that their best interests are top of mind and consistently advocated for. Thanks to developed expertise within the CBG team, no situation is too complex for them to support their clients through. The real estate market is ever-changing from one day to the next. Though it is always evolving, clients should always feel the dedication of their real estate team. Consistent client dedication through all of the market turns is only possible with extensive experience.

The collective experience at Capital Brokers Group allows them to not only instill confidence and trust in their clients, but it also allows them to educate their clients. That is the next mark of distinction CBG has in their industry. Where there are complexities and confusion, CBG’s luxury real estate team assures their clients know exactly what is going on and what their options are. Far too often, clients are left to make massive decisions without full comprehension of the situation at hand. That is a dynamic Christopher

Bonil ensures no CBG clients experience. The continuously developed knowledge and expertise at Capital Brokers Group is something clients get to reap the full benefits of, which leads to the next difference between CBG and the rest of the industry.

Capital Brokers Group operates as a one-stop shop. Whatever type of service is required to buy or sell a home or property, CBG is glad to assist. That creates a seamless experience for their clients. Rather than being told to compete a list of to-dos in order to make your home market-ready, Capital Brokers Group informs their clients of what they believe would make their home most marketable. From there, CBG is the facilitator to get each project completed. That is a level of care unlike anything that can be found in the industry. In the luxury space, this full-service approach is particularly helpful, which is precisely why Capital Brokers Group was the choice of royalty, countless esteemed individuals, and a neighbour of famous artist, Drake. There is a level of service that is expected for the types of individuals listed previously, and that service can only be found at Capital Brokers Group.

Not only does Capital Brokers Group ensure they are the top team in Ontario for luxury real estate, but they also make it their mission to have a positive impact on the community. That is certainly true in the way they lead by example in real estate, but it’s so much more than just that. Recently, Capital Brokers Group partnered with SickKids Foundation to be part of their amazing mission to build a new children’s hospital through the Golden Heart Gala fundraiser. Christopher Bonil, founder of Capital Brokers Group, was particularly honoured to partner with the foundation (being a new father himself).

As Capital Brokers Group continues to establish themselves as the premier luxury real estate team, they simultaneously will continue establishing themselves as a community leader in helping those who need it most. While their pride in their luxury real estate and brokerage services is certainly a driving force behind their dedication, their impact on the Ontario community is what gives the team at CBG the most fulfillment.

Capital Brokers Group is honoured to partner with you on your real estate investments to ensure you receive the support, education, and true white-glove service you deserve. You can find CBG on social and their founder, Christopher Bonil, @mrbonil. You can also connect with CBG via their website

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