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Cobra Kai: Is Terry Silver Dying?

The following contains spoilers for Cobra Kai Season 5, streaming now on Netflix.

The ending of Cobra Kai Season 5 left many fans ecstatic over its satisfying season finale in addition to new fan theories on where the show can go. During one particular scene in Cobra Kai Season 5, Terry Silver confronts Johnny while he’s with Carmen at the hospital. While some fans may simply brush off the moment as just Silver following Johnny, that may not be the case. Could his hospital visit, along with his comments on youth and leaving behind a legacy, be hinting that Silver is terminally ill?

There have been hints sprinkled throughout the fourth and fifth seasons that suggest that Terry Silver’s time on Earth is limited. During his Vietnam War flashback early on in Season 4 (triggered by his servant using a lighter on his breakfast), Silver decided to skip breakfast. While skipping breakfast is not an unusual habit, his servant almost immediately asks Silver whether he should call his doctor. Why is that the case?

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Other small hints include the recurring theme of legacy. During a conversation with an undercover Chozen early in Season 5, Silver claims that he never had any children and that his only legacy was Cobra Kai. This explains why he is so adamant to spread Cobra Kai, not only across the Valley, but across the world. However, the real reason he is so obsessed with the notion of passing down his legacy could be that he’s living on borrowed time. When Johnny and Carmen got into an elevator at the hospital, some time passes before the elevator door opens, revealing Silver who gets in the elevator with them. Although it can be speculated that Silver followed Johnny to the hospital, that doesn’t seem very plausible. Terry Silver having a terminal illness would explain his presence at the hospital.

During his conversation with Johnny in the elevator, Terry makes a comment about how precious youth is. Although Silver running into Johnny and Carmen happened by pure coincidence, his reasons for being at the hospital are not. It’s likely that he was at a scheduled checkup and found out he was dying. It also adds context to his comments about dying a warrior’s death during his battle with Chozen.

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If Season 6 reveals that Silver is dying, it could not only add layers to his character and make him a more sympathetic villain, but could also tie in with how he redeems himself, notably by repairing his damaged friendship with Kreese now that he’s escaped from prison. Silver’s comments about dying on the battlefield suggest that he could sacrifice himself to save Kreese from the next big villain on the series. Silver sacrificing himself would be a satisfying conclusion to his character arc and would redeem him in death by doing a good deed to show his more humane side before he was messed up by the war and drugs.

Terry Silver being at the hospital left fans believing that he is terminally ill. If Season 6 confirms this theory, it would make sense why Terry is doing what he is doing. Much like Breaking Bad‘s Walter White after discovering he has cancer, Terry wants to do the most with the time he has, namely passing on his legacy of The Way of The Fist. Going forward into future seasons, Terry could be the first of the original cast to bite the dust. Perhaps he will not only get his wish of dying on the battlefield rather than in a hospital bed, but will die an honorable death, making him a true warrior.

Seasons 1-5 of Cobra Kai are available to stream on Netflix.

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