Administration Officials Address Commodity Classic

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and U.S. EPA Administrator Michael Regan both addressed a record crowd Friday at the Commodity Classic in Houston, Texas.

Secretary Vilsack disappointed many in the audience who expected an announcement on the revised GREET model necessary for agriculture to benefit from tax credits for Sustainable Aviation Fuel under the Inflation Reduction Act. “Obbviously we’re not in a position today to announce the guidance that will be coming forth from the Treasury Department as it relates to the Sustainable Aviation fuel and the tax credits that will be available in 2023 and 2024 and the tax credits that will go in place in 2025 and beyond. Now, the reason we’re not is because we’re measuring twice and cutting once. We want to make sure that the latest and best information is utilized in the modeling that will inform the Treasury guidance.”

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack remarks
Classic24 Vilsack remarks 22:48

While EPA is also part of the Interagency Working Group tasked with revising the GREET model, Administrator Regan was at Classic to announce the first EPA Office of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. “I’m excited also that this office will be led by Rod Snyder, who has served in as my senior advisor for Agriculture since 2021. We have someone competent who’s been on the job coming into this job and he’s going to do an awesome job for not only EPA, but for all of you as well. With Ron’s leadership and with the establishment of this new office, we will ensure agriculture and rural stakeholders have a continual seat at the table at EPA for many years to come.”

Classic24 Regan remarks 8:43

Secretary Vilsack and EPA Administrator chat with Chandler Goule
Classic24 Vilsack and Regan fireside chat 22:15
Sec. Vilsack and Admin. Regan press conference
Classic24 Vilsack-Regan presser 17:40

2024 Commodity Classic Photo Album

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