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COVID-positive voting rules changed by AEC; Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese campaigns continue; Kooyong’s Monique Ryan mounts legal challenge; Australia unemployment at record low

The prime minister is jousting with reporters and after a steady back-and-forth accuses the questioning journalist of being a bulldozer.

The journalist asked Morrison how his promised post-election conversion could be taken credibly, given the prime minister said in earlier interviews that he would “change gears” rather than change the sort of vehicle.

“There have been no changes of policy or substance,” the journalist said.

“I just don’t agree with your assertion,” Morrison.

“What have you changed then?” the journalist asked.

“I don’t agree with how you’ve conceived the whole point I’ve been making,” he said.

“What have you changed in substance, what policy?” the journalist interrupted.

“You’ve sought to repackage it for your own purposes,” Morrison continued. “And so, I just don’t accept your argument.”

At this point the prime minister gestured to another journalist, signalling that he wanted to take their question when the journalist continued to ask his same question.

“I’m sorry you’ve had your question,” the prime minister said.

“No, no, you didn’t answer it,” the journalist complained.

“I have, that’s the answer you’re getting,” the prime minister said as the journalist continued to ask what policy had been changed.

After this shouty back-and-forth the prime minister told the journalist not to talk over other people and said: “You’re sounding like a bit of a bulldozer.”

Takes one to know one?

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