5 Businesses in the Digital Currency Train

The Middle East is witnessing a transformative surge in cryptocurrency adoption, marking a pivotal moment in its technological evolution. Amidst this wave of innovation, several pioneering businesses are spearheading the charge into the digital currency landscape. These companies not only symbolize the region’s embrace of cutting-edge technologies but also showcase how cryptocurrencies are reshaping industries and redefining financial landscapes in different directions. Additionally, the rise of Arabic online casinos, driven by the adoption of digital currencies, highlights the diverse applications and impacts of this technology across various sectors. In this article, we take a closer look at five remarkable companies originating from the Middle East that are advancing the possibilities of digital currencies today and share their contribution and creativity in this burgeoning sector.



Founded in 2015 and based in the UAE, BitOasis is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the Middle East. It provides a secure platform for buying, selling, and storing digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

BitOasis prioritizes regulatory compliance by closely collaborating with regional regulatory bodies, thereby ensuring adherence to legal standards and fostering trust within the market. Its user-friendly interface is designed to cater to both novice and experienced traders, facilitating easier access and promoting broader adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Interesting Fact

BitOasis was the first cryptocurrency exchange to be granted regulatory approval by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) in Abu Dhabi.


Rain, launched in 2019 and based in Bahrain, offers a seamless trading experience with a strong emphasis on security and regulatory adherence. Its Shariah-compliant approach aligns with the cultural and religious values of many users in the region.

Rain ensures Shariah compliance by aligning its operations with Islamic financial principles. Additionally, the platform employs robust security measures, using advanced protocols to safeguard user funds and data effectively.

Interesting Fact

Rain became the first licensed cryptocurrency exchange in the Middle East after receiving a regulatory license from the Central Bank of Bahrain.

ArabianChain Technology

A Dubai-based startup, ArabianChain Technology aims to revolutionize various industries through blockchain solutions. It developed a public and decentralized blockchain platform called ArabianChain, which supports the creation and execution of smart contracts.

ArabianChain Technology offers smart contract capabilities that enable businesses to create and manage automated processes, reducing operational costs. The company also collaborates with government entities to explore blockchain applications in public services.

Interesting Fact

ArabianChain was the first public blockchain in the Middle East, reflecting the region’s commitment to technological advancement.


Based in Saudi Arabia, Wethaq focuses on using blockchain technology to streamline the issuance and trading of Islamic bonds (Sukuk). The company aims to modernize traditional financial instruments through digital solutions.

Wethaq leverages blockchain technology to enhance the efficiency and transparency of Sukuk transactions. This approach ensures that every financial interaction, including those within Arabic online casinos, is conducted with utmost clarity and speed. Additionally, Wethaq collaborates closely with regulatory bodies to uphold Islamic finance principles, reinforcing trust and compliance across its operations.

Interesting Fact

Wethaq’s platform supports the entire lifecycle of Sukuk issuance, from origination to settlement, on a blockchain-based system.

Binance MENA

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has established a strong presence in the Middle East through its Binance MENA division. It offers a comprehensive suite of cryptocurrency services, including trading, staking, and savings.

Binance MENA customizes its services to meet the specific requirements of users in the region, offering support for local currencies. The company also runs educational programs aimed at promoting cryptocurrency awareness across the Middle East.

Interesting Fact

Binance has partnered with several local entities to expand its reach and foster cryptocurrency adoption across the region.

The Influence on Arabic Online Casinos

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies in the Middle East has significantly reshaped the landscape of the region’s online gaming industry, with a notable impact on Arabic online casinos. The utilization of digital currencies has introduced a higher level of security and anonymity, which has resonated with users seeking faster and more secure transaction methods. By integrating cryptocurrencies, these casinos are able to effectively cater to a global audience while adhering to regional regulations. This adoption of digital currencies among Middle Eastern businesses, particularly in the online gaming sector, is not only transforming the way financial transactions are carried out but also revolutionizing the entertainment experience, contributing to the emergence of innovative and secure gambling opportunities.


The Middle East is quickly becoming a hub for cryptocurrency innovation. Companies like BitOasis, Rain, ArabianChain Technology, Wethaq, and Binance MENA are leading the way. As these businesses grow and evolve, they are setting the stage for a future where digital currencies play a central role in the regional economy. Additionally, the rise of Arabic online casinos highlights the diverse applications of cryptocurrency, offering secure and exciting entertainment options.

If you’re interested in the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space, keep an eye on these companies and trends. The Middle East’s proactive approach to embracing digital currencies and blockchain technology ensures it will remain at the forefront of this global revolution.

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