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The unprecedented economic crisis in Sri Lanka is spiralling further, unfolding a humanitarian emergency, attacking societies at their core, claiming people’s livelihoods. The crippling civil unrest is now sparked by the economic crisis causing to worsen the potential longer-term effects on the local household income and their food security.

Responding to the crisis emergency instantaneously, LOLC launched LOLC Divi Saviya, an island wide humanitarian effort in early May this year. The phase one of this project supported needy household units covering all 25 districts of the country within a period of one month. This also enabled LOLC to further discover millions of people across the country, who are already below the poverty line and are facing major disruption by the loss of livelihoods, food shortage, and the amplifying cost of essential items. During this initial drive, number of Divisional Secretariats with extensive demands were marked while a number of vulnerable untapped segments were also identified.

This time, committing for an on-going and a broader exertion, LOLC has renewed their strengths to another season of Divi Saviya commenced in July 2022 and will cover the 25 districts over a period of 3 months in 3 different cycles, tossed back-to-back. The road map to Divi Saviya phase two recognises the essentiality to cushion the knock-on effects on people’s lives at this critical juncture while envisioning for a longer recovery effort.

Identifying the sharp decline in food security for the most vulnerable segments of the country, Divi Saviya phase two focuses on organising direct provision of food resources to support the elder’s homes, children’s facilities and visually impaired units in addition to the selected households. The immediate critical relief, is estimated to distribute a total number of 125,000 packages valued at Rs.500 Million. Each package will carry the basic staples and dry rations weighing 10 kilograms inclusive of the items ranging from rice, flour, dhal, sugar, noodles, tea, salt, soya-meat to spices.

The entire project is strengthened by the partnership between LOLC and News First in stabilising the clarity and transparency of the distribution network. The programme is curated through the Divisional Secretariats, with the support of the News First provisional correspondents in assembling the most poverty-stricken families to be entitled for the Divi Saviya scheme.

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