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CAREER ADVICE: Certification in Financial markets prepares you to enter the stock market

Careers in the stock market

I am a Science student but I am very keen to do something in the Stock Market but don’t know where to begin because I come from a family of doctors who have no idea of this field.
Satyam Chaudhary, Ranchi
Following are some actions you can take to pursue a career in our Indian stock market: To begin with, start learning as much as you can about the stock market and the financial sector. A degree in Commerce, Economics or finance may be a good starting point. Watch business-related TV programming and make it a point to follow the business sections of the top financial dailies. There are many great books available for beginners on the subject.  Acquiring a qualification such as the Financial Markets certification NCFM from the National Stock Exchange (NSE) will give you a great leg-up. What is more, you can do this alongside your graduation. Once that is done, try obtaining practical experience by working as a financial analyst in stockbroking firms, investment banks, mutual funds, portfolio management services, research firms and other financial institutions in order to gain a better understanding of the market and develop a network of useful contacts. This will also keep you informed and clued-in on new developments and job openings in this volatile and ever-changing field.  Later, you may even consider specialising in a specific area of the stock market such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or portfolio management or even consider setting up your venture in any of these areas. And while you are at it, do join online communities and forums to stay connected with other professionals in the industry and avoid pitfalls by learning from their experience.  


Coding skills

I am a final-year student of BTech CS in a local college. However I am not very confident of my coding skills. Can you please suggest some courses that are not too expensive?

Kartik, Trivandrum
Allow me to let you in on a secret: Even amazing programmers struggle to write code in the beginning. Instead of opting for expensive programming courses check out Google and YouTube for a plethora of quality learning content. Don’t scoff at free internships and freelance work. Learning from hands-on and real-time projects will prove far more valuable. And the skills you will develop in the process will come incredibly handy in real time.Whatever you do, practice, practice, practice. If you do it consistently and diligently, it will become part of your muscle memory.      


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