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Revolutionizing Capital Markets Research with AI-Powered Insights

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Jay Ranjeet Bhatt, Founder & CEO of Airrchip and Frruit.


How does Frruit GPT differentiate itself from existing AI-powered solutions in the capital markets research space, and what specific features or capabilities does it offer that address the unique needs of financial professionals?

Frruit is an AI-powered research assistant that combines the power of AI with real-time data, to serve as the GPT of capital markets , a revolutionary product built in India but designed for global impact .

Now you can initiate dynamic conversations with Frruit to tap into both real-time and historical data on thousands of stocks , market-moving information , discover hidden correlations between financial market events and their impact on stock price movements !

No more navigating through mountains of data or struggling through complicated research reports.
Our intuitive natural language interface instantly serves up the jargon free crucial insights, empowering you to make better informed decisions !

With Frruit, you can access real-time market data through Generative AI, including news headlines with curated investor stories. You can also summarize news and receive TLDRs, access financial statements, analysts and agency ratings, corporate actions, fundamental data, and an earnings calendar. Furthermore, you can discover correlations and perform data crunching to extract sentiments and key highlights from reports and attached YouTube links


Can you provide insights into the development process behind Frruit GPT, including the methodologies used to train the AI model and how it has been fine-tuned to deliver accurate and actionable insights for users in the capital markets?

We are currently in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, driven by AI, and there has never been a more opportune moment to conduct extensive data analysis across a wide array of data sources, encompassing both unstructured and alternative data, before making investment decisions. AI is a tangible reality, deeply ingrained within capital markets, where asset managers and major investment firms leverage it to process and analyze vast volumes of real-time market data.
Generative AI & Machine Learning possesses the capability to navigate through an abundance of information sources, including market data, news articles, social media feeds, financial reports, audio, video, and even facial expressions, to extract insights, sentiments, and trends that could potentially impact the markets.
So if you can take all the inputs of market pricing and integrate that into comprehensive multiple data points of companies , government data , macroeconomic news etc then it helps you to identify patterns and correlations and you can trade effectively with better informed decisions.


In what ways do you envision Frruit GPT revolutionizing the workflow of financial professionals, and what impact do you anticipate it will have on decision-making processes, efficiency gains, and overall market analysis within the capital markets industry?

Within the ever-changing dynamic landscape of the capital markets, Frruit emerges as a powerful AI-powered research assistant , addressing the major challenges faced by retail investors , research analysts , fund managers , portfolio managers and wealth managers everyday . These challenges include

1. 85% Data in the financial world is unstructured , an ability to analyze and act on it presents a big opportunity. The financial world’s wealth of unstructured data hides critical insights, hindering data-driven stock picking decisions.

2. Access to premium data sources , research tools and risk reports are too costly and complex for everyday investors.

3. Asset prices are influenced by a multitude of events, requiring deep research that often takes too long, resulting in missed opportunities

Our mission is to bridge wealth gaps and break financial barriers, we empower individuals with AI-driven financial literacy, democratising wealth for all.

Think of Frruit as the AI-powered financial search engine for capital markets, providing actionable insights using real-time data & discovering hidden relationships of the markets . Along its product roadmap, Frruit aims to facilitate data-driven portfolio management and restructuring, enable risk management, support long-term financial planning, and identify companies and funds aligned with ethical and sustainable investing values. Additionally, it enhances financial education and empowerment through continuous learning and improvement.

While Frruit does not make recommendations, it only provides data to facilitate better-informed decisions through its massive data crunching capabilities. This allows users to set aside emotions when making stock picks in constantly evolving market conditions.

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