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BALLSTON SPA, NY – Over the past several years, Luke Gold and his family have gotten used to reporters and broadcasters creating clever sayings and headlines out of their last time. With the 2022 MLB Draft around the corner, those days aren’t over quite yet.

The leader of Ballston Spa’s 2019 state championship team, Gold has spent the last three years at Boston College. It now feels like the right time to move on to the next level.

“My advisers and I feel like I’ve put together enough of a track record over the past couple years where moving on to pro ball is going to be the right decision for me,” Gold said. “I’m excited to take that on. I’ve got my family supporting me and a great people all around me. I’m excited and I feel like I’m  ready to make that decision when the time comes.”

He continued.

“There were scouts here and there, but I never really considered going pro right out of high school. Over the past year or so, that’s really when the possibility’s really become more likely. Playing professional baseball has been something I’ve wanted to do since If first picked up a bat. The game has always been so fun and rewarding to me.”

After a very strange, COVID-shortened freshman season in 2020, Gold posted a .300+ batting average in each his sophomore and junior seasons with the Eagles. This summer, the infielder is not playing on any collegiate summer teams, but rather doing baseball workouts and awaiting the draft.

“I’ve been going back and forth between home and Boston,” he said. “Just staying in shape and waiting to see what happens.”

While Gold, a right-handed bat and glove, has posted strong offensive numbers, it is the intangibles that he’s put the greatest emphasis on.

“I feel like the biggest thing I’ve improved upon is being a leader,” Gold said of the difference between now and when he was in high school. “I feel like it was easy to lead my friends; kids I’ve played with for a long time in high school. Especially in my junior year at Boston College, I had an opportunity to work on a lot of leadership skills, things I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with before. I think I’ve really evolved as a leader, on and off the field. Those communication and leadership skills are really going to help me moving forward.”

“B-Spa’s championship run was my freshman year and we played them at Troy. Watching Luke, how he was a leader and the way that Ballston Spa took the field on our home turf it almost felt like we were the away team, just from their presence,” Troy LHP Mike Kennedy, also a draft prospect, said of Gold. “Not just from how big and strong he was, with me being a freshman, but how much I saw him leading their dugout and I aspired to be like that. I had a lot of talks with Curtis Nobles about the kind of player Luke is and how I can be like that.”

With the draft beginning on July 17 and running until July 19, Gold will likely find himself moving on from the friendly confines of hometown Ballston Spa and college-town Boston, to a new area in the farm system of a big league team.

“Going from being a state champion in high school, right to Boston, it humbles you really quick,” Gold said of the transition from high school to college. “With the rigorous academics, very intense practice schedule, the long days and late nights, it really gave me a taste of what it’s going to take to play baseball at the next level. It made me a stronger student and a stronger player because going into this fall I was much more comfortable and had much better time management skills.”

Luke isn’t the only member of his immediate family doing big things on the diamond either. His sister, Ana, posted an impressive freshman season with Duke softball, which included a run to the NCAA Super Regionals. You may have seen her hit a home run on ESPN in a game against UCLA.

“The stream we were watching was a few seconds behind the live one. My dad got a text right before the pitch and that’s when we all kind of knew,” Luke said of Ana’s home run. “We had a bunch of family over. We were all running around the living room, giving each other high-fives and cheering. It was pretty awesome.”

“She worked so hard to earn the opportunity to play at Duke and the pretty much the biggest stage you can play on in the Super Regionals.”

The Gold family will once again get together on Monday, this time to watch the MLB Draft as they hope to hear Luke’s name get called.

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