Pokemon GO Player Shares Hilarious Conversation They Had With Their Boss About Spotlight Hour

A Pokemon Go player shares a moment where they teamed up with their manager to schedule daily tasks around the week’s Spotlight Hour mini-event.

Far removed from the electric fervor that surrounds Pokemon Go, it has become a bit rare to find players out in the wild, besides during coordinated Community Day events and organized local meets. Finding another person to play Pokemon Go with and share moments with enhances the experience. Recently, one player found another person to play the game with at their job, and that person was their manager. The rapport was so great between the two that they scheduled work tasks around in-game events.


u/RyusuiJL shared on the r/PokemonGo Reddit a screenshot of a conversation they had with their superior about doing a task, but the initial time was set to conflict with Spotlight Hour, an hour on every Tuesday afternoon where spawns of a special Pokemon are increased. This is a great time to gather candy and stardust for a Pokemon a player may want to farm. u/RyusuiJL said later on in the comment thread that they’re a longtime player and don’t necessarily need the Magikarp candy, but instead was looking for Candy XL to evolve a Mega Gyarados.

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The Magikarp Spotlight Hour took place during the Water Festival event, and these two co-workers had a quick conversation about timing some sort of store restocking assignment around Spotlight Hour. They were on the same page and almost instantly pushed back the task until after Spotlight Hour. Even while featuring a Pokemon that has been out since launch, these two players were excited about the shiny hunt and getting a shiny with good IVs. Red Gyarados after all these years are highly sought-after Pokedex entries.

The comments in the post keep it heartwarming. The idea of having a work superior to play Pokemon Go with on the clock without repercussions is something most players don’t get to have. However, one lucky commenter brought up that they too had a co-worker that left work for a few minutes to get to a nearby Rockruff raid. They agreed to this on the condition that the player heading to the raid would send them an invitation to the raid remotely.

The reworked Mega Evolutions is a good incentive for players to get back into Pokemon Go. Though the grind for candies is still there, the upside to having mega-evolved Pokemon in raids and mega raids is a welcomed layer of depth for the game. Any opportunity to cut into that Candy XL deficit can go a long way, and the journey is better with co-workers that can double as Pokemon buddies.

Pokemon Go is now available on Android and iOS devices.

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