8-year-old Razorback fan shares viral letter to Coach Muss, hoping he reads it

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A little boy from Fayetteville poured his heart out in a letter wishing the Razorback Basketball Team good luck on Thursday’s game in the Sweet Sixteen, after posting it on social media it went viral.

At 8 years old, Ian Murphy said that, thanks to his family, he’s been to all the Razorback basketball games except for one. He says after the games he stays so that he can take pictures with the team and add it to his “Wall of Fame.”

“I have only missed one picture this year which was Makhel Mitchell,” Murphy said.

With the Hogs in the middle of March Madness, Murphy says he has been watching the team’s journey and their win against Kansas.

“I started screaming on the couch,” Murphy adds he knew the game would be tough since “Kansas won the basketball championship last year and they still have a lot of the same players.”

However, when the Razorbacks won Murphy says he felt inspired to write a letter to Coach Eric Musselman and the team.

Murphy’s letter reads:

If we don’t win the Championship I don’t care because we have had the best year ever and beat Kansas when at half we were down at 8 points.

From: Ian, To: Coach Muss and the Hog Team. Go Hogs!

Murphy says he knows the team had ups and downs this season, but he still believes in them.

“They started off really good, they hit a bump and then they started going back to normal,” Murphy said.

Murphy’s mother Olivia says after he wrote it, he gave it to her in the hopes she could make his wish come true.

“He brought this letter to me and said ‘mama, you have got to get Muss to see this’ and I said, ‘Well I’ll try,” Ms. Murphy said.

She says she posted the letter on Facebook and Twitter, and it quickly started receiving a ton of likes. So far on Facebook, it has reached over 2000, with a lot of comments trying to get coach Muss to see it.

“Keep believing in the team,” Murphy said.

Murphy says although he loves watching the Hogs play, he is also taking notes because he plays basketball too.

“I really take Devo’s defense really well. He is a good defender,” Murphy said.

Murphy says he has been playing the sport since he was 5 years old and his dream is to still play for the Razorbacks when he goes to college.

Murphy goes on to say he would be thrilled if Coach Muss reads his letter, and he would still support the team no matter what. Murphy strongly believes they can come out on top in March Madness which is why he didn’t hesitate to put their name under Championship Winner on his bracket. 

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