Anand Mahindra shares photo of father’s ‘audacious’ 1945 application to US college classified for 75 years

Left A copy of Harish Mahindras application to law school right The late industrialist pictured with his family  Image courtesy Twitteranandmahindra

Left: A copy of Harish Mahindra’s application to law school; right: The late industrialist pictured with his family | Image courtesy: Twitter/@anandmahindra

Photo : Twitter


  • Anand Mahindra shared pictures of his late father’s application to the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy from 1945.
  • A copy of the 77-year-old documents, classified for 75 years, was given to him during his visit last year.
  • The ambitious late industrialist Harish Mahindra made a bold statement during British Raj.
Anand Mahindra shared photos of his father, the Harish Mahindra’s application to Massachusetts-based Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law from 1945 late on Saturday on Twitter.
“When I was at the @FletcherSchool to deliver the Class Day Address, they very graciously gave me copies of my father’s application to Fletcher in 1945,” he explained. It is university policy to keep the documents confidential for the first 75 years, and “by a wonderful coincidence”, were declassified just last year.

The late industrialist’s 77-year-old statement of career goals reads: “As far as I can remember, my ambition has been to travel around the world and learn about various countries, their modes of living and the types of government they enjoy. The reason why I have always wanted to go into Foreign Service is because this world, in a way, help(s) me to see the world”.

The ambitious late industrialist, in his 77-year-old statement of career goals, said he dreamt of travelling around the world to learn about the diverse cultures, lifestyles and governments that people prefer. “The reason why I have always wanted to go into Foreign Service is because this world, in a way, help(s) me to see the world,” the statement reads.

He continues: “As for my professional aims, I’ve chosen Foreign Service because my country desperately needs men trained in International Affairs. India still has no foreign policy of her own. After this war, if India achieves dominion status or a state of complete independence, she will need the help of men trained in foreign affairs to see that she establishes friendly and economic relations with other nations of the world.

Instead of the British running her foreign policy and spreading false and the type of propaganda that would enable them to gain their own ends in India, I would like to see an Indian Foreign Service established in India and Indian Consulates all over the world to help place true India before other nations and show the benefits that could be derived by having India as a free and equal partner in the League of Nations.”

Sharing a digitised version of the text, the chairman of the Mahindra group admitted that he was impressed by his father’s “audacious” aspiration and a forthright statement like that when India was still a British colony.
“I’d never talked to him about those aspirations. My advice to young people: talk more to & learn more about your parents while they’re around,” he wrote, tagging Minister of External Affairs Dr. S Jaishankar to draw his attention to the precious artefact.
Anand Mahindra was born on May 1, 1955, to father Harish Mahindra and mother Indira Mahindra in Bombay.

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