Cadillac Shares Yet Another Celestiq Teaser Ahead Of July 22 Debut

Cadillac is almost ready to show us its vision of American, electric luxury, and that means that this is probably the last time we’ll have to show you teaser photos of the Celestiq before its official unveiling later this month.

The automaker shared new photos of the vehicle’s interior and some revealing pictures of its exterior, too. The new shots reveal a decidedly luxurious and tech-filled interior.

“Every Celestiq will be instantly identifiable as one of a kind, giving each client a personal connection to Cadillac’s newest flagship,” said Erin Crossley, design director, Cadillac Celestiq. “With Cadillac reimagining the future of American luxury, we are entering an era of limitless possibilities and the future of design.”

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The new photos show a plethora of rear-seat screens located in both the central armrest and on the backs of the front seats. No longer unusual in luxury automotive circles, it certainly does place the Celestiq in the realm of Germany’s luxury giants like the Mercedes S-Class.

The view down the center of the car’s interior also shows a similar touchscreen between the front seat occupants, as well as a massive screen on the dash that indicates that charging the EV from 80 to 100 percent will only take 10 minutes.

A shot of the back of the car also gives us one of our best looks yet at how the roofline of the Celestiq will interact with the rear end. The sloping roofline features the hints of coupe styling that are so popular today, and the extended taillights only exaggerate the appearance.

The front end, meanwhile, appears to have no traditional grille, but a lit up solid section instead, no doubt enabled by the vehicle’s electric powertrain. Based on the Ultium platform, the luxury car will share its underpinnings with the GMC Hummer and other upcoming GM EVs.

The Cadillac Celestiq will be handbuilt at GM’s Warren Tech Center. The automaker is expected to make fewer than 500 of these “one-of-a-kind, ultra-luxury” vehicles, which are likely to have a six-figure price tag. We’ll find out more on July 22 when the vehicle is officially unveiled.

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