GWAR Shares Dynamic New Music Video For “Ratcatcher”

GWAR Shares Dynamic New Music Video For “Ratcatcher”

The hard-core metal band has just released their new album titled The Dark New Ages yesterday, June 3. The album includes 15 stunning new tracks, and will be ready for vinyl and cassettes by September 16. In celebration of the albums recent release, the band has shared a new music video for one of the tracks of the album, “Ratcatcher”.

The lead vocalist of the band, Blöthar The Berserker, commented on the video, according to Blabber Mouth,  “What better way to celebrate the end of human existence than a little reminder of your dark and violent past from the disease-ridden middle ages! ‘Ratcatcher’ is the true story of the mysterious Pied Piper of Hamelin. HA! It was GWAR all along! This tune, and every single song on this album is red hot molten lead poured directly into your ears! GWAR is eternal!”

The song starts off with an instrumental solo-along with a mix of 2D and 3D animation. GWAR is fully dressed as Aliens in the village of Hamelin as exterminators, but after they realize they weren’t getting paid, they lock the owner’s children in their basement. Now over 10,000 views in just one day, it’s safe to say that their new album will be a smashing hit for summer!

The New Dark Ages Full Tracklsit.
01. New Dark Age
02. Blood Libel
03. Berserker Mode
04. Mother Fucking Liar
05. Unto the Breach
06. Completely Fucked
07. The Cutter
08. Rise Again
09. The Beast Will Eat Itself
10. Venom Of The Platypus
11. Ratcatcher
12. Bored to Death
13. Temple Ascent
14. Starving Gods
15. Deus Ex Monstrum

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