Prince Harry’s sweetheart Meghan Markle shares tips to stay fit

Prince Harrys sweetheart Meghan Markle shares tips to stay fit

 Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex has shared tips to stay fit with her fans and followers. 

The former Suits star once ran a lifestyle blog called ‘The Tig’, where she discussed fashion, exercise, food, travel and beauty. In one particular post, the now Duchess of Sussex, shared her love of pilates.

Meghan introduced her pal and pilates extraordinaire Heather Dorak, who revealed how people can get fit with just two paper plates in six minute exercise.

Paper Plate Legs – One minute Right Leg Pendulum Lunge

Start on a non-carpeted floor. Place a paper plate underneath your left foot. Keeping your right leg stationary and pressing through the right heel, slide your left foot behind you, keeping your leg straight. Your heel can lift off the ground as you lower your right leg down into a 90 degree angle behind the knee. Hold this pose for a moment before sliding your left foot back forward to meet your right foot.

Next, push your left foot forward to achieve a 90 degree angle in your left leg. Alternate between these two sides for one minute.

One minute Right Leg Moving Lunges

The second exercise is the same as the first, except without the forward motion. Your left foot is only going to move backwards, lowering the right leg into a 90 degree position. Straighten up and repeat the backwards lunge for one minute. Hold your last rep with the right leg at 90 degrees during your minute to transition smoothly into your next minute.

One minute Right Leg Lunge Hold

Hold your right leg in 90 degrees for the whole minute. Slide your left foot back and forth like you were in your lunge, but do not fully straighten the right leg.

Lilibet and Archie’s mom and Prince Harry’s sweetheart Meghan Markle has approved the exercise, which is inexpensive and can be done anywhere, keeping you “fit while travelling”. It only takes just six minutes.

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