Rick And Morty Shares Soundtrack To Its Latest Horror Episode

The spooky beats that adorned Rick and Morty season 6’s latest horror episode, Night Family, are now available for fans to listen to.

Rick and Morty has practically done it all, partly thanks to Rick Sanchez’s portal gun, but now that the show has taken a break from its multiverse travel, its latest episode featured an homage to many famed works in the horror genre with an equally fitting soundtrack.

Fortunately, Rick and Morty fans who enjoyed the “Night Family” episode’s music can now listen to the eponymous soundtrack after it was posted on the show’s official music channel on YouTube in one full four minutes and twenty seconds track that’ll definitely send chills down many folks’ spines. Season 6’s fourth episode saw Rick and Morty get a bit eerie, drawing inspiration from old television shows like The Night Gallery, the more contemporary Jordan Peele film Us, and even a few classic action films as well.


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As for the music, it’s pretty evident composer Ryan Elder borrowed a few pages from Halloween director John Carpenter‘s book, who’s also famous for writing the music in some of his movies. Elder’s Rick and Morty score also has a few nods to some sci-fi classics tossed in there for good measure. The “Night Family” soundtrack is available not only on YouTube but also on the usual music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Deezer, making for a fantastic backing track to conjure up some spooky vibes.

“Night Family” is far from the show’s first foray into the horror or thriller genre. However, the episode was well received by Rick and Morty fans as yet another solid entry in this new season. Like the Twilight Zone stories the episode was inspired by, “Night Family” doesn’t look like one of those episodes that will have lasting consequences in Rick and Morty lore, though future references can never be ruled out from showrunners Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

Naturally, “Night Family” is not devoid of Rick and Morty‘s signature humor and quotable lines from Rick Sanchez, like the latter’s look of despair upon hearing the news of the Choco Taco’s demise. Rick and Morty‘s creators have stated the multiverse plot lines lent themselves to implementing a “cheat code” style of storytelling, which makes it even better to see the show is back at its best even when detached from that concept.

But it’s not as if Rick and Morty is afraid to spread its wings, considering one of its next targets is a full anime series from many of the same people behind the multitude of shorts that have come out in recent years.

Rick and Morty airs on Sunday on Adult Swim.

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Source: Rick and Morty – Official Music Channel | YouTube

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