Seth Rollins Shares Feelings On Having To Lose Three Straight Matches to Cody Rhodes

Some wrestlers seem impervious to the outcome of a match. Win or lose, the best talents seem to elevate themselves to the next level by putting on a great show, performing in a match and getting themselves over, while also doing a world of good for their opponent. Seth Rollins is in that category and recently talked about losing as often as he has in an interview with Ariel Helwani.

Rollins sat down with Helwani in Part II of an interview for BT Sport. During that interview, he talked about being in Roman Reigns’ shadow a little and also discussed his feud with Cody Rhodes and going 0-3 against the American Nightmare. Rollins wasn’t upset, but he did admit being asked to put over someone else that is about to get a spot you think you’ve earned and want to hold yourself puts a bit of a chip on your shoulder. He didn’t believe he suffered by losing, but it’s not something any wrestler who wants to be the best really wants.


Rollins noted that he knew when Cody was finally confirmed for WrestleMania that it was clear he was likely going to be booked to lose. He noted, “It didn’t stop me from being a little frustrated, you know, again, feeling like I was being used to catapult somebody else to a position I felt like I deserved. That was pretty demoralizing.”

Rollins said things might have turned out a little different if Cody hadn’t torn his pec, but at the end of the day, “I definitely think I came out of it a lot better than I went into it. I don’t think in any way that I suffered from losing three times in a row.”

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Rollins Is Right

Booking Cody to win three consecutive matches might have been seen as a bit of a questionable choice but Rollins made the most of it. He came out of the feud as one of the company’s biggest heels and he’s been riding that wave ever since. He noted, “In many ways, I think I got more respect for having the humility to put my own self interests aside to work with someone who needed it a lot more than he did.”

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