Long USD/JPY trading opportunity and outlook

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Previous Arabica coffee trading outcome

In this week’s “Trading the trend” video, Axel Rudolph reflects on his recent trades and talks about their current positions. He started by betting on the price of Arabica coffee to go up. He entered the trade when the price was around 186 and watched it climb to 194. However, things took a turn and the price went down, causing them to sell at his entry level.

Current New York cotton futures trading progress

Next, he moves on to his current trade in New York cotton futures. He entered at about 85.70 and are currently making a profit. To protect his gains, he raised the level at which he would sell if the price goes down, so he doesn’t lose anything. He has set his sights on a target price of 90, which he sees as a strong resistance level based on previous market behavior.

This week’s trading opportunity

For his trade this week, he plans to jump on the upward trend of the USD/JPY. He sees a temporary drop in the price as an opportunity to buy. He bases his decision on the difference in interest rates between the US and the Bank of Japan. The Bank of Japan has a cautious approach, while the US is more optimistic. He believes the upward trend will continue in the upcoming days and weeks, particularly if the price breaks through recent highs between 148.80 and 18.90.

With all of this in mind, he suggests buying USD/JPY at its current price, and setting a level at which he would sell if the price drops further. He also set an upside target at around 152, meaning he expects the price to go up to that level. By carefully managing his trades and considering market trends, he aims to make successful trades and achieve profits.

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