Minnesota Timberwolves’ motives behind trading for a point guard were more ‘maturity’ and less ‘flashy plays’

According to ESPN’s Kendra Andrews, the Minnesota Timberwolves traded for Mike Conley in a bid to add maturity to their rotation.

Mike Conley, a 2021 NBA All-Star with the Utah Jazz, has been crucial for the Timberwolves this season. The team is on track to make the Playoffs, currently placed 7th in the Western Conference with a 39-37 record. Conley, who joined the team in a three-team trade that sent D’Angelo Russell to the Lakers, has been crucial to getting a lot of these wins.

His contributions may not always be flashy, but they have been important for the Wolves. He brings a veteran presence and tends to make the right, fundamentally sound play. D’Angelo Russell, who was much younger than Conley at the age of 26, did not always do that.

Now, Kendra Andrews has revealed that the Minnesota Timberwolves wanted to add more ’maturity’ and were looking for a point guard who ‘cared less about making flashy plays’ by trading for Mike Conley.

The Timberwolves reportedly wanted to add more ‘maturity,’ as well as someone who ‘cared less about making flashy plays’ by trading for Mike Conley, per @kendra__andrews

Mike Conley has been crucial for the Minnesota Timberwolves

Earlier this season, Chris Finch called Mike Conley “the perfect piece,” noting his ability to make big plays, run the offense, and get the ball to his teammates where and when they need it. He has also been a defensive force, chasing down younger and often quicker guards all season.

His leadership has also been noticed by his teammates. Youngsters such as Naz Reid and Anthony Edwards have commended his influence and look up to the player for guidance.

With both Edwards and Karl Anthony-Towns coming up with consistently big numbers, Conley has brought in an assurance that has allowed other players to focus on their game.

The player has produced just 13.3 points, 5 assists and 2.4 rebounds per game and may not be generating the same kind of numbers as D’Angelo Russell was capable of. Despite the skepticism, which was down to the fact that Conley is a decade older than Russell, he has made an immediate impact on the Minnesota Timberwolves and has become one of their most consistent scorers.

Conley’s ability to see the floor and make the right reads has also been a significant factor in his success with the Timberwolves. He looks to get his teammates involved early in the game, which opens up the floor for him to get easier looks later on.

Mike Conley on being in the playoff hunt:

“It’s the reason why I’m still playing. I want to play until I’m 40 if I can be a part of these situations where we can compete at the highest level against the best competition in the world and do it with some guys like this.”

Although D’Angelo Russell was a great passer, he sometimes struggled to make the right plays in tough situations.

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