Monopoly GO: Safe Trading Explained

Monopoly GO is a mobile game that brings the fun of the traditional board game, Monopoly, to smartphones. The gameplay is pretty similar to the original board game. Players have to collect properties and earn money but with a few interesting twists and features.

Since Monopoly GO is an online game, it receives regular updates and introduces new features. A recent addition is the safe trading feature. With this feature, players can now considerably reduce the risk of getting scammed by other players- something that had become quite a nuisance, especially for newer players. Here is everything you need to know about the safe trading feature in Monopoly GO.


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What is Safe Trading in Monopoly GO

With safe trading, players can view the stickers that their trade partner wishes to trade with them before finalizing the deal. This feature allows tycoons to accept or decline the offer after looking at the offered cards. If, by chance, players do receive a wrong sticker, they can simply reject it and have theirs back in no time.

How to Do Safe Trading in Monopoly GO

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Here’s how players can trade stickers safely in the game:

  • Open the sticker album and choose the sticker you want to trade.
  • After choosing a sticker, tap the “send to friend” button.
  • Select the friend you want to trade with, and then choose the “Make an Exchange” option.
  • This will send the trade request. The person requested will be able to see the request in their timeline.
  • It’s noteworthy that the requested person has about 24 hours to respond to the request. They will have the choice to either accept the request and propose their offer or decline your request.
  • If they do make an offer, players should consider it carefully before accepting.

The safe trading feature was introduced to protect players from scams. This, however, does not mean that players can’t send stickers like they used to before. If a player wants to send a sticker to their friend the traditional way, they can still do so. For that, they just have to select the sticker, choose the friend they want to send it to, and then hit send.

Monopoly GO has a trading limit of up to five trades a day, and the limit is applicable to safe trading as well. Players can trade up to five stickers a day, regardless of whether they use safe trading or the usual approach.

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April 11, 2023


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