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A University of Queensland academic has created the first artwork in the world to combine augmented reality (AR) game music with places in the community.

City Symphony, co-created by UQ’s Associate Professor Eve Klein, has been launched in Brisbane as part of the World Science Festival’s Curiocity Brisbane.

Dr Klein, from UQ’s School of Music said the immersive music experience combined community engagement with interactive world-building, utilising sound to create connections to place.

“This exciting interactive mobile app, City Symphony, streams a personal cinematic soundtrack while you stroll through Brisbane’s streets and landmarks, revealing a world of audio based on your location,” Dr Klein said.

Developed in partnership with Queensland Music Festival, the augmented reality artwork overlays all of Brisbane CBD, featuring hundreds of local artists and community members.

“We have worked with writers, actors and musicians to create a soundtrack for Brisbane,” she said.

“You can literally step inside and remix the music of artists like Kate Miller-Heidke and The Ancient Bloods.

“You can walk alongside a refugee, hear about meeting a first love, and share in secrets people tell Maiwar, the Brisbane River.”

Running from 24 June – 24 July, City Symphony’s interactive technologies are different for each user.  

A person scanning a City Symphony poster QR code with their phone“We take real-time information from a person’s mobile phone and combine it with environmental data to generate unique music and story experiences for each listener,” she said.

Dr Klein said the music and stories encourage people to explore Brisbane City, hear local music and meet people with different life experiences.

“Brisbane City is treated like an open-world game space to encourage people to meet someone different from themselves and feel more connected to this place we all share,” she said.

“This is a choose your own adventure, so all you need to do is download the app, pick a spot on the map, put your headphones in and start.

With your phone and your feet, you walk the city and discover Brisbane’s stories, sounds and songs.”

More information is available here.

Media: Dr Eve Klein,, +61 (0) 435 258 262.

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