Why all leading brokers should submit for awards

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Elizabeth Wilson loves regional lending. So, to win Regional Broker of the Year at the 2021 Australian Broking Awards was an amazing personal victory that left her brimming with joy, she says, especially considering it was an accolade she had been chasing for quite some time.

The Wilson Financial broker describes winning the award as one of those moments where you “do a fist punch to yourself.” 

According to the Bowral-based broker, the Australian Broking Awards are a vital accolade for all broking businesses, not just because of the sense of achievement it provides brokers, but also for the external validation they receive. 

“It’s social proof. You can say that you’re the best or you can say your service is different but until you actually send in one of these essays and have it judged by these independent judges, until you get scrutinised in that way, what evidence is there really?” she says. 

“The awards really help. For someone who is as established as me, [the award] cements your clients’ and referrers’ belief in you. It lets them know you’re on your game when you win an award.” 

“My loyal clients and referrers feel confident in us, but it’s just a great tool to keep yourself front-of-mind.”

Ms Wilson adds that applying for the awards is often a deep, personal experience that involves large amounts of self-reflection to ensure that her achievements are enough to stand out in the competitive crowd.

“I’ve had years where I’ve actually been nominated and decided not to proceed because I know that those past 12 months weren’t my best and that I didn’t grow, and I didn’t push myself.”

She added: “When I apply it’s a big deal because it’s not something I do every year. I must know I’ve got something to offer that’s different and better in an already wonderful industry.

“Those years where I look at my 12 months and I ask myself what I did and I dig deep, I sometimes think: ‘Do you know what? It’s not enough. I’m gonna have to pull my socks up again’.”

As for her advice for prospective nominees at this year’s Australian Broking Awards, Ms Wilson says to dig deep in your response and think about the judges throughout the process.

“Think about your answer from the judge’s perspective – dig a little deeper and explain to that judge why you are a little different.”

“Give them something to think about. I’ve always had something in my submissions that are something different. If you’ve truly done something different, you will feel excited when you write that answer.”

The 2022 Australian Broking awards takes place at The Star, Sydney on Friday 12 August 2022.

Click here to visit the website to either start your own submission or nominate a colleague for one of broking’s most prestigious awards. 

You can find out more about Liz Wilson in the Elite Broker podcast, How Australia’s Regional Broker of the Year 2021 is supporting the self-employed, here:


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Why all leading brokers should submit for awards

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