‘Dominate consistently’: Broker’s mantra for 2024 success

Central to that shift has been focusing on their own “BS”: what others may dismiss as the unappealing side of the job, but what Carter has come to understand as denoting something entirely different.

“I feel some loan officers, some real estate agents are falling out [of the profession] – when you have three different markets that you may be used to working, and now you can only possibly work one because your bandwidth of what you’re teaching and coaching only goes so far,” she said. “Then you’re stumped.

“Nail in whatever one market you want to focus in: your net is 100 times as big, and that gets exhausting for people that are not used to doing it. But I did 300 meet and greets last year to expand our business. There’s not a lot of people that would do that BS – and when I say BS, it’s business strategy for me, it’s BS for them.”

How loan officers have been flourishing against the odds

Carter said seasoned and newer loan officers at her company have been carving out more business than they might have anticipated, with that proactive approach to the profession – a far cry from the days of the pandemic when volume surged and transactions skyrocketed – set to remain a prominent theme in the years to come.

“I have brand-new loan officers, never been in the business, that are closing loans,” she said. “If you’re being seen and heard, you’re going to get picked. They have trained, they have changed their BS. They’ve changed their business strategies all the way around what they’re doing.

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