Experts Offer Guide to Choosing the Best Singapore Forex Broker

As the Forex market in Singapore continues to attract an increasing number of investors and traders, selecting a reliable and trustworthy Forex broker becomes crucial for individuals navigating the dynamic world of currency trading.

In the quest for superior trading opportunities and effective risk management, it’s vital to pinpoint the top Forex brokers in Singapore that resonate with one’s trading objectives and regulatory preferences. 

In this comprehensive guide, TU offers a thorough examination of the leading Forex brokers in Singapore for 2024. They have highlighted essential aspects such as key features, regulatory adherence, trading platforms, client support, and other critical factors contributing to a secure and fulfilling trading journey.

Top Forex brokers in Singapore

In the bustling Forex market, choosing the Singapore Forex broker is paramount for traders seeking reliability and efficiency. Here’s a concise overview of the top Forex brokers in Singapore for 2024:

  • Interactive Brokers. It is esteemed for its reliability and diverse services. While suitable for active trading and investments, it imposes fees on inactive accounts, which may inconvenience passive investors. Despite lacking a minimum deposit requirement, its focus remains on professional market participants, primarily from the US and Canada.
  • Swissquote Bank SA. Swissquote Bank, established in 1996, boasts a strong reputation in the financial markets, yet recent client claims have tarnished its status. Targeting large investors, it lacks beginner accounts and demands substantial deposits. Notably, it offers a wide array of trading instruments and an affiliate program but falls short compared to its peers.
  • SaxoBank. The broker, despite ranking lower in Traders Union rating, caters well to professional traders and investors. Requiring a minimum deposit of 2,000 EUR, it offers access to numerous trading exchanges, professional support, and diversified portfolio investments. However, it faces criticism for terminal problems and unfavorable client feedback.
  • OANDA. With substantial Forex market experience, it is renowned for reliable trading conditions. While lacking cent accounts, it provides two account types and demo accounts for novices. Offering a variety of trading instruments and platforms, its website usability remains a point of concern.
  • Plus500. The borker caters to both new and professional traders with a wide range of financial assets. However, it imposes restrictions on certain trading strategies and faces complaints about withdrawal processes and support responsiveness. Despite an intuitive website, crucial trading information may be lacking.

These overviews provide insights into the strengths and limitations of each broker, aiding traders in making informed decisions aligned with their trading goals and preferences. Read also about Exness, another reliable broker in Singapore.


Exness Singapore emerges as a favorable option for traders due to its adherence to local regulatory standards and its provision of appealing trading conditions. Holding a prominent position in Forex broker ratings, Exness emphasizes the integration of innovative technologies to cater to client needs. Users, regardless of their account type, benefit from a comprehensive set of tools and access to new trading instruments. Notably, Exness facilitates trading in CFDs on currency pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices, including popular options like Nvidia, Apple, Google, and Tesla stocks.

Traders Union analysts conducted an extensive examination of Exness tailored to traders from Singapore. The experts have delineated the primary advantages of the company for clients in this region. The broker’s benefits include:

  • Exclusive access to tick history, distinguishing it from other brokers.
  • A combined account balance of USD 1,000 or higher across all trading accounts within your Personal Area.
  • Utilization of segregated accounts for enhanced security.
  • Competitive low spreads, optimizing trading conditions.
  • Access to a Social Trading application enabling users to implement their unique strategies.
  • Instant withdrawal of funds, ensuring prompt access to profits.
  • Moreover, Exness imposes no restrictions on trading strategies, allowing for hedging and locking orders, and there are no minimum requirements for retaining transactions in the market.

Platform for making informed brokerage decisions

Traders Union is a premier financial portal launched in 2010, committed to empowering traders and investors with essential insights for profitable engagements in the financial markets. Its mission is to provide a platform where users can effortlessly access comprehensive information on top brokerage firms worldwide, saving time and money. By offering thorough reviews of international Forex brokers and curated content, Traders Union simplifies the process of selecting a reliable broker, fostering a stress-free brokerage selection experience through its Broker Rating system.

At Traders Union, a wealth of seasoned experts collaborates diligently to provide invaluable insights and guidance to traders and investors alike. The team comprises experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds in finance, trading, and investment, who bring a depth of knowledge and expertise to every aspect of the work. Among the experts is Dr. BJ Johnson. He is a PhD holder in English Language and an accomplished editor boasting more than 15 years of experience, holds dual degrees in English Language from both the U.S. and the UK. Joining the Traders Union team in 2020, Dr. Johnson has been instrumental in crafting over 100 original articles and meticulously editing more than 300 pieces authored by others. His expertise spans a broad spectrum of topics, encompassing trading signals, cryptocurrencies, Forex and stock brokers, expert advisors, and binary options. Additionally, he has contributed significantly to broker ratings and various other materials. Dr. BJ Johnson’s guiding principle echoes: “It always seems impossible until it’s done. You can do it.”

Concluding thoughts

As the Forex market in Singapore continues to grow, the importance of selecting a reliable and trustworthy broker cannot be overstated. Traders Union offers a comprehensive guide to the top Forex brokers in Singapore for 2024, providing insights into key features, regulatory compliance, and client support. From Interactive Brokers to Plus500, each overview highlights strengths and limitations, aiding traders in making informed decisions aligned with their goals and preferences. Moreover, Exness emerges as a favorable option for traders, offering exclusive benefits tailored to clients in Singapore. Traders Union’s commitment to empowering traders and investors is evident through its platform, where seasoned experts collaborate to provide invaluable insights and guidance. The author of the article, Glory Faleke, is a professional writer for the Traders Union website.

Disclaimer:The subject matter and the content of this article are solely the views of the author. FinanceFeeds does not bear any legal responsibility for the content of this article and they do not reflect the viewpoint of FinanceFeeds or its editorial staff.

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