Which Commodity Delivered the Highest Profits?

Gold and silver are among the most sought-after commodities as they have a store of value for centuries. Silver gained popularity after the 20th century as the Industrial Revolution began using the commodity for machines and products.

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In the present day, car manufacturer Tesla extensively uses silver to create EV batteries, particularly for the anode and cathode. On the other hand, gold is a safe haven and a hedge against inflation and is purchased by both retail and institutional investors.

The procurement of gold and silver never stops and the two commodities always remain in business. So which of these two commodities has delivered the most profits in 25 years? In this article, we will highlight whether gold or silver has printed the highest returns to investors in the last 25 years.

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Gold or Silver? Which Commodity Delivered Highest Profits in 25 Years?

gold silver coins commoditygold silver coins commodity

Gold stood at its lowest price point of $278 per ounce in 1999. On the other hand, silver (SIK4) prices stood at $4.88 per ounce during its lowest point in 1999.

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The price of gold (XAU/USD) is currently trading at $2,195 in March 2024, while silver reached $24.6 in the same period. Therefore, gold prices have spiked 690% in the last 25 years with a year-on-year growth of nearly 27.6%.

Silver is now trading at $24.6 from a low of $4.88 per ounce in 1999. Therefore, silver prices have surged by 405% in the last 25 years up until March 2024. That’s a year-on-year growth of approximately 16.2% in two and a half decades.

In conclusion, gold has delivered more profits to investors than silver in the last 25 years. An investment of $10,000 in gold in 1999 could have turned into $79,000 today. Also, an investment of $10,000 in silver in 1999 could have turned $50,500 during the same period.

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