Lubbock man shares name with 14x Grammy winner, Taylor Swift

LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock’s very own born and raised Taylor Swift, director of sales and distribution for Two Docs Brewing Company, is the talk of the social realms lately due to his name, the same as pop star singer Taylor Swift.

Swift told he was a Texas Tech graduate and sharing a name with such a famous person was “overwhelming” at times.

He explained it’s been a blessing and a curse to be tied to the pop star and girlfriend of Chief’s player Travis Kelce.

“Most people would recognize it off the bat. I think I signed my first autograph when I was 15 when I went to a young love camp and told everybody my name,” Swift said.

And Swift said, of course, he knows the name is a bit of a shocker, especially when he introduces himself to people, and oftentimes, they do not believe him.

But he said when it comes to his job, it is an immediate icebreaker.

Swift said, “I do direct sales… and so having something to take the edge kind of off and have a better introduction and easier introduction and to get to know those people is always nice.”

Yes, of course. Taylor Swift never in his wildest dreams thought he would be tied to one of the biggest celebrities being most talked about right now because he’s just a local Lubbock guy who’s made a big reputation for himself in his craft of marketing. And hey, call it what you want. But he is a lover of the community.

Swift said, “It’s trying to utilize that as an opportunity to give back to the community as well. I’m on the board now for the Lubbock Life Festival of the Arts, so we’re trying to promote local artists, get more information out there, get more support for those guys. We got a lot of wicked talented people around here.”

And it is only right he has a passion for music, his name is Taylor Swift.

Swift said, “I like drinking beer, playing my guitar and my banjo. My grandfather played the bluegrass band for 40 years, and so he always wanted to always put music as an influence in my life.”

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce recognized Swift as a 20 Under 40 recipient for his work with Two Docs and other projects.

And when it comes to talking about the celebrity Taylor Swift, he said he does not keep up with her latest work, he even admits, ” I’m probably the worst Taylor Swift fan.”

But he does enjoy her Red era.

Swift said, ” I probably like some of the older stuff. I like the I think the Red Album was great.”

But what Swift truly admires about the pop star is her positive influence on the world, giving people a platform to be heard.

Swift said, ” if I can just be a part of the good things that she brings to the community, then that’s what I want to be doing.”

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