The Most Valuable Investment in 2024

©Robert Kiyosaki

©Robert Kiyosaki

“Rich Dad” finance guru Robert Kiyosaki often offers advice to his audience on making better investment choices. You might find small examples on your wrist, around your fingers, or dangling from your ears. He’s talking about precious metals — gold and silver specifically.

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On an episode of Rich Dad Radio Kiyosaki posted to his YouTube channel, he joined other financial experts to talk about why gold and silver are true stores of money. As a disclaimer of sorts: Kiyosaki buys from some of the precious metals dealers who joined him for this discussion.

During the show, Kiyosaki started off by sharing some of his most attention-grabbing quips that he penned in the “Rich Dad” book over 25 years ago — like “savers are losers,” “your house is not an asset” and “what the rich work for are assets.”

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Silver and Gold: Great Investments Right Now?

He also dove into why he thinks silver and gold are some of the best investments you can make right now. Kiyosaki shared how he first got started buying precious metals, saving silver as early as 1964.

One of his guests — Andy Schectman, president and founder of Miles Franklin Precious Metals — said: “You can be a patriot and love this country and still understand that we are being led down a very bleak monetary path… In that respect, that’s what gold and silver represent to me, unencumbered wealth that is not simultaneously someone else’s liability. That has outlived everything the world’s ever thrown at it.”

In other YouTube appearances, Kiyosaki has said that silver is a bargain you should take advantage of right now. “I say silver is the biggest bargain that I have ever seen,” Kiyosaki said.

Experts Predict a Strong Year For Silver in Particular

A recent CNBC article also indicated it could be a great year for silver. Quoting the Silver Institute, CNBC detailed: “Stronger industrial offtake is a principal catalyst for the rising global demand for the white metal, and the sector should hit a new annual high this year.”

“We think silver will have a terrific year, especially in terms of demand,” Michael DiRienzo, executive director of the Silver Institute, remarked to CNBC.

How To Invest In Silver

Thinking about investing in physical silver? The best way to do so is to look into investment-grade silver which is 99.9% pure (or better) and buy fine silver bullion from precious metal brokers online, or in person. You could also invest in silver through silver ETFs and silver futures.

Silver and gold are often considered to be hedges against inflation, although silver is traditionally more volatile in terms of price than gold. In either case, keep your stack a secret, tell only those who absolutely must know of its location, and be sure — once again — to only buy products from established sellers.

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