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How To Get Gold, Copper, & Silver Ore

Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers a wide selection of weapons and armors for every Vocation, almost all of which can be upgraded. Players can collect a large variety of materials throughout the game to upgrade their gear, and some of the most commonly required upgrade materials in the game are three Ores: Copper, Silver, and Gold Ore.


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To get Copper, Silver, and Gold Ore in Dragon’s Dogma 2, there are two major farming methods: travel to specific zones to mine mineral nodes, or farm specific enemies for the chance that the Ores will drop. This guide details where to look, what enemies to kill, and other potential sources for Copper Ore, Silver Ore, and Gold Ore in DD2.

How To Get Copper Ore (& Copper Ore Locations)

Dragons Dogma 2 Copper Silver Ore Locations Guide Copper Ore

Copper Ore is the most common of the three main tiers of Ore, drops from the largest variety of nodes and enemies across almost all of the game. To get Copper Ore in Dragon’s Dogma 2, try specifically looking for caves at the beginning of the game, in areas to the north of Vernworth around Melve and Borderwatch Outpost.

However, mining nodes in higher-level areas also drop Copper Ore, so just about any cave ought to do – early-game caves just contain more.

Copper Ore drops from a lot of enemies, particularly Goblins. As with all types of Ore, it can also drop from Golem and other large, rock elemental-type enemies. The most consistent way to farm Copper Ore is to simply mine it in low-level caves, though.

How To Get Silver Ore (& Silver Ore Locations)

Dragons Dogma 2 Copper Silver Ore Locations Guide Silver Ore

Silver Ore is a bit more rare than Copper Ore, but it’s still relatively easy to find. In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Silver Ore can primarily be found in mining nodes to the far east and west of Vernworth, and in caves throughout the mid-game. You won’t find much Silver Ore directly around Vernworth, but other slightly higher-level areas – like close to the Elf village, Harve Village, and the Nameless Village – should have plenty.


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Silver Ore can regularly be found in chests, and it drops from a number of enemies just like Copper Ore. The drop chance is low, but hunt down Goblins, Choppers, Hobgoblins, and Golems, the latter of which can drop almost every type of Ore upon defeat.

How To Get Gold Ore (& Gold Ore Locations)

Dragons Dogma 2 Copper Silver Ore Locations Guide Gold Ore

Gold Ore is the rarest of the three basic mineral upgrade materials in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and thus can only be found on specific enemies with a very low drop rate, or as a rare reward for mining mineral nodes in higher-level areas. Areas on the way to the Checkpoint Rest Town, on the path to Battahl, and caves throughout areas beyond central Vermund have a chance to contain mineral nodes with Gold Ore. But because it has a low drop chance, you won’t find it at every mining node.

Gold Ore also drops from a select few enemies, including high-level Goblins (Choppers and Hobgoblins), Golems, and Griffins. Gold Ore may be contained within chests deep in caves and in hard-to-reach places, too, but the most consistent way to get it is to head to a higher-level area, search for a cave or a valley, and look for mining nodes. Look for a camping site nearby too to refresh the nodes and easily farm Ore en masse.

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March 22, 2024

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