World of Warcraft Adds Surprise Reward to the January Trading Post


  • World of Warcraft players are receiving an extra 500 Trader’s Tender as a bonus for completing their Adventurer’s Log tasks for January 2024.
  • This bonus may have been added in response to player feedback about the simplicity of the Trading Post reward for January.
  • It remains unclear if this bonus was intentional or a glitch, but players are excited about the opportunity to earn more currency for purchasing cosmetics.

World of Warcraft players are reportedly receiving an extra 500 Trader’s Tender for completing their Adventurer’s Log tasks for January 2024. While this could be a bug, it seems more likely that World of Warcraft decided to surprise players with an extra bonus after the lukewarm reaction to the Trading Post reward for January.

The Trading Post is a feature World of Warcraft added last year that allows players to complete select tasks to earn a special reward each month, along with a stipend of Trader’s Tender used to purchase items from a rotating stock of cosmetics. In December, it revealed the Golden Mobile Timepiece, a stylish wristwatch cosmetic, as the free reward for January, but many World of Warcraft players were not impressed by the simplicity of the item in comparison to those from previous months.


World of Warcraft Adds Vendor With Ridiculously Expensive Wares

To kick off 2024, World of Warcraft adds a new, limited-time vendor who sells some of the most expensive items in the game to date.

However, fans discovered a surprise when they finished their Traveler’s Log tasks for January. When players complete their logs, they receive 500 extra Trader’s Tender in addition to the Golden Mobile Timepiece. This means players can earn a total of 1500 Trader’s Tender from having a subscription and completing the requisite tasks, a 50% increase from a typical month. This is a welcome bonus considering the steadily-rising prices of Trading Post items in World of Warcraft over the last year.

WoW Trading Post Rewards for January 2024

  • Golden Mobile Timepiece
  • 500 Bonus Trader’s Tender (total monthly stipend of 1500, rather than 1000)

There has been no official announcement about this new gift, so it remains to be seen if it was intentional or a glitch. The extra 500 Trader’s Tender are also not listed in the Traveler’s Log as a reward, though players are still receiving it in-game. That said, most think Blizzard added it in response to feedback about World of Warcraft’s trading post catalog for January. If it was an error, World of Warcraft will still probably keep the bonus currency, especially considering the outrage removing it would spark with how many fans have already earned it.

Regardless of why they received it, players are excited about getting this extra bonus from the Trading Post. This month’s catalogue is full of excellent cosmetics, and fans who haven’t been saving their Trader’s Tender will be glad to be able to pick up another item or two because of this surprise.

Were that not exciting enough, players can finally earn the Burden of Unrelenting Justice set if they haven’t missed a month of Trading Post rewards since the feature was added. World of Warcraft is adding two static versions of the color-changing set in response to player feedback, so fans should be sure to finish their Adventurer’s Log to collect these awesome ensembles.

WoW Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and is the ninth expansion pack for the iconic massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft.

Dragonflight features an overhauled user interface, raises the level cap to 70, and introduces a new race and class. 

November 28, 2022

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